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I can't see that negative feedback


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Hello everyone,

I hope many of you have experienced it. You know what I just went thru? Well, a buyer ordered on my gig, and I delivered his work. Due to his less communication I could not done his work the way he wanted it to be done, may be. But I did create 6 logos only for $5 and asked him to choose one from it, but still he gave me a 1 star feedback.

I contacted the customer support, they did not help me. Then I messaged again to the buyer telling him I’ll redesign your logo if you can provide me the sample. He has not replied yet, but I can see that he has edited his feedback and made it a 5 star.

Now the bottom line is, I have created 09 orders in total, and 8 of the feedbacks are positive and one is not rated. And it shows in Analytics that I have 8 positive reviews 1 negative and 1 not rated. Really? I have created only 9 orders only. One is not rated I know. And 8 of the feedbacks are positive I can see them. Where is the negative one? And where does that come from?

Any suggestion please?


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