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  1. I am having the same issue. I bought a brand new laptop, and I have been trying for last couple of days to open my fiverr account, but it’s not opening properly. I have tried the CS services as well, they provide me some tips, but did not work out. I had this issue before on other laptop as well. Then I sold that laptop. Because no one knows solution to this issue. It took me more than three months to become a level 1 seller, and when finally I achieved this target. Now my fiverr account is not opening. I att screenshot as well.
  2. Hi folks, I hope if someone has experience this issue. Today I bought a new laptop. Windows, drivers, sofwares everything is fresh installed. I tried to open my fiverr account, but it’s not opening properly. I att the screenshot as well. Can some body help me out please? Thanks Rehmat
  3. @miiila you nailed it… “but honestly I think it all comes down to being attentive, to being fast, to doing good work” That’s it.
  4. Hahaha, where did you pick that from lolxx? Not a bad tips anyways…
  5. Wow, great. Becoming a level two seller within couple of months is such a great achievement.
  6. I have been reading the same thing again and again i.e uploading video. Well, I might give it a shot.
  7. Common pal. Why make a fun of him? All of us used to have a broken English ones except native speakers. I’m damn sure, if you comment a few lines, I or a little bird will point out your achilles heel as well. So MR.English, do not beat bout the bush, and be positive
  8. Hey level two sellers, Well, I’m just curious to know how long did it take you in order to become a level 2 seller? And what was your strategy? All level 2 sellers are requested to share their experiences please. Thanks
  9. Well, that’s probably your fault. If you choose a newbie with no skills, whom fault it would be? Why do not you choose a person with a couple of reviews, so that you can place your order and get your work done without any hesitation. Moreover, you will never know what is copied and what is pasted into the logo. If a real designer designs you a logo. And that’s why a designer is a designer and a buyer is a buyer. You chose the naive seller. That’s your fault may be. You should have chosen the right and talented one.
  10. Well, that’s probably difficult to overcome. Naive sellers will come along the way, so do skeevy buyers, but as far I am concerned; if the buyer takes an advantage of my skills, and that’s because I’m a newbie here. Ofcourse I will have to serve him happily and whatever he asks me to do, I’ll, but guess what? I’ll keep this in my mind? And when I get the chance, I won’t give a d**** sh** to buyers except good ones. Because I have devoted my time to fiverr in order to become a successful seller not a puppet. Many sellers including talented and naive give up. Why? Major reasons; competition is in full swing, manipulation and austintation of buyers, lack of skills of sellers. I’m strong enough thou that I’m still here and became a level one seller after three months. That’ because I did not give up. I went thru all the hard times I have given by the buyers so far. I have created 6 logos for $5. I have spent 3 days on one logo for $5. Why? Do you think I’m naive? No I’m not. I have over a half decade of experience in designing, but that’s the austination and manipulation of buyers I’m talking bout. Anyways, it was good talking to you. It takes two to make a quarrel. Talented and skillful sellers get manipulated in the beginning by skeevy buyers, and good buyers experience naive sellers in first. That’s all I can say. Finally, you seem like a high ups. I shall appreciate your time spending here on my post. It’s good to talk to such people and know bout their experiences on fiverr.
  11. Wow, those couple of paragraphs just thought me a lot. Thank you 🙂
  12. I can type 100WPM. Check out my record on 10fastfingers.com But this is not the way to get a project here man. Typing is not everything.
  13. It seems like you’re good at writing stories. Basically I do not understand either you’re a buyer or a seller, because I went thru your profile, it seems like you used to be a seller ones not too long ago, but a few months may be. So what I’m suppose to believe that you’re telling the truth or making a lame excuses or writing some fantasy stories or having nothing else to do just trying to do your timepass?
  14. Yes, I agree with you to some extent, because I did not say that all the buyer are the same or all of them are manipulating new sellers. I have clearly mentioned that every second buyer does this, and that’s true. Personally I’m a designer. I have made my gigs very simple. In the basic package I have offered two concepts for logos, which means that I am suppose to provide two logos to the buyer so that he can easily pick his choice. If he is not gonna like it and wants a specific design instead. Then do not you think it would be better to discuss with the designer bout his logo and elaborate him what he actually wants rather than placing his order on $5 gig’s package?
  15. why not ask her by yourself lolxx??
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