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5 star review tips


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5 Star ratings are very important,try your best to get 5 star reviews from everybody.
here are some tips:

1.When delivering your wok please ensure that you greet your buyer and let them know that this is the final delivery.

[some people are new to fiverr and dont really understand the process and sometimes don’t accept your work]

2.Please state in the message:

-If your not happy with the final delivery please let me know before completing the order.

-If your sending multiple files, please remind them of the package they purchase and all the files you sent relating to it.

  • If they’re ok with the final delivery please complete the order and leave your review of my service .

  • Complimenting they’re work is a great way to get five star review

-being friendly and always willing to answer they’re questions

-If your buyer is not happy and you can’t delivery what they want .use the mutual cancellation feature.

-Be friendly


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I beta read, so I make sure to tell anyone I deal with that they are welcome to always ask follow-up questions after my notes are sent, so they can get things clarified. And I offer custom offers and deals to regular customers. It helps me keep authors who publish more often as repeat customers.

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Yes, after sales service is what has helped me a lot. I never make my clients feel that now my work is over after submitting my delivery to them. I always ask them to get back for any help, clarification or modification they need and I guess this helps a lot in building up the trust of buyer in you and they also become your repeated clients.

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