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  1. Oh! Since you had paypal in the title, I was assuming you meant the charge from paypal. Fiverr takes $1 from every $5 as it’s fee. So a $5 order would be $4 in your pocket, $20 order would be $15 - then paypal charges it’s own fee. In their FAQ, Fiverr says “You keep 80% of each transaction.”
  2. I have put in bug issues with CS, too on this. My rate is in the 60’s even though I response to all messages within 24 hours. 😦
  3. On their website, it says: “There’s no fee to use PayPal to purchase goods or services. However, if you receive money for goods or services (such as from selling an item on eBay), the fee for each transaction is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive.” But I’ve never received over $100 at a time, so I can’t verify that directly.
  4. I’ve been here two years, and I’ve taken two one-week vacations, and one half-month vacation, all in vacation mode. Each time, I never had any problem picking back up. But then again, probably half my clients are repeat buyers since I’m a beta reader and do a lot of series for authors. I still responded to messages (I have the app so I know as soon as they come in), but all my gigs were on vacation mode. As long as your response rate stays up, and your deliveries are on time, you should be fine.
  5. I try to have as much information as possible in my gig as to what I do, and what I don’t. I make use of the FAQ section, and I have a buyer’s requirement where I let them know exactly what I need from them to do the job. It’s required, so they can’t miss it. I write to make sure to message me for any questions. I’ve only had to cancel from them not reading it properly twice. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much how it goes, you do what you can to curb it before it happens.
  6. I’m glad you found the contact button! Most sellers love for you to contact them beforehand, I usually write that on all of my gigs. There are a lot of people here from other countries than the US and UK, so it’s understandable that many don’t speak English as well, but this site is based in another country anyway. (I can’t remember which one off the top of my head.) You can still find great sellers who don’t speak English as well, but you have to base how comfortable you are with their reviews, and with what contact you have through messaging.
  7. It considers each gig a new customer, even with the same customer, which is why the time doesn’t change. But as a buyer, I limit my queue to so many gigs, and that way I can’t get more than I can handle at any time. I also have extras built into my gig to add more words, or whatever it may be, so they can do it all at once, and I make it clear if you message me for a custom offer, that I can discount, or build up an order. And custom orders don’t count towards the queue limit, so even if I’m full, I can decide to take on that order or not.
  8. I’m only at 11%, but just got Uruguay, which is exciting, since I didn’t have anything from South America otherwise. The vast majority of mine come from the US, with the UK leading behind. (116 orders vs 16)
  9. Mine has been good. I had to cut back my queue so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed with orders, since this is a busy month in my daily life. I’m a novel beta reader, though, so my jobs takes a bit to do. About 1/2-3/4 of my orders are repeat buyers that I’ve gained over the last year.
  10. I love vacation mode, too, haha - it didn’t effect my sales, though, when I came back. This is only my part-time job, but I do pretty well. The website is really easy to use, too. I hate how long payment takes to clear. Other than that, it’s great, as both a buyer and a seller.
  11. Congrats! Keep at it, and before long, you will have a full queue!
  12. Very true. The internet was just getting big when I was growing up because I didn’t get a computer in our household until I was like 12 or 13, so I was in high school around the time Myspace was big. My parents were always big on making sure to tell me to be careful what I post. Nowadays you see everyone post everything. And as a parent now, I am even more aware of what I put out into the world.
  13. Social media is not behind closed doors. It’s how you represent yourself publicly. When you work for a business, you are a face for that business, and it makes sense that they want to know any PR issues beforehand.
  14. I do exactly what I do in my gig. There are times I go beyond that, if I have the time and want to do it, if they ask nicely, or message me about something before hand. Most of my buyers have no issues, and I offer revisions if they aren’t happy. But once they select complete, they signify that they are happy with that order. If they have anything after that, they can ask, but I have no issue asking them to purchase another gig. They are paying for my labor, and I decide what that worth is. They can choose to take it, or go elsewhere. There’s nothing mean in that, it’s my business to do what I say I will do. If they leave a bad review (and I’ve only had that once, and had it taken care of), I will save all the notes, and request Fiverr to take it off, because I did exactly what I promised and no more. I make it clear in my gig descriptions what they will get, and when we message, we discuss it. You have to keep clear boundaries if you want to have this job without stress and people walking all over you. Those who do are not clients that you want.
  15. Well, starting out, generally you need a $5 starter gig. People won’t spend the money on a new buyer with no reviews. Try doing the gigs that you write something on your hand or something that way, so you can get some reviews, and it will put your face out there. I would add some videos of you talking and some examples of your previous work so that buyers get a better example of what to expect.
  16. I tried to see your account but it says the page is no longer there.
  17. If they found a buyer immediately and delete the request, it could. When I do buyer requests, I keep it open for a while, but not everyone does. It could also mean that it broke Fiverr policy in some way, and it was deleted by Fiverr.
  18. I have seen some of that, someone occasionally sends me the wrong type of file. I just like having a full complete file.
  19. I’ve seen people do policies, of what the seller should expect, what the buyer should expect, stuff about cancelling, etc. since you can’t write a lot in the description. It’s a pdf file, most of the time, or a video.
  20. I want to do a Buyer’s Policy for my gigs, but I wanted to see what all people put on them to make sure I’m covering all my bases. This also goes for FAQ’s. If it helps, my gigs are/will be based on beta reading, editing, creative writing.
  21. And I’m pretty sure everyone else’s point is that when you take a photo that isn’t yours and you don’t have permission to use, and altering it, does not make it yours. It’s still stealing someone’s work. If I go to your house, steal your TV and put a fake mustache on it, I would still get arrested even though I altered it.
  22. I got the app on my phone to help my response wait, so I can reply to everything as soon as possible instead of waiting until I get to a computer. I am not sure I want my whole face on my icon, but I’ve seen it work out well for others. There are alot of good advice in this, thank you! I will be following your posts! 🙂
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