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How do Fiverr sellers make a living with transactions that can be only $5?


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Here’s what you need to know about $5 scheme on Fiverr; and how can you earn a living from that:

  • $5 is just the base amount, you can sell gig extras too and an order can vary from $5-$1000. The limit depends on upon your Seller Level.

$5 is also an advantage cuz it attracts more buyers, you just need to know what skills to sell and how can you make your gig extras work.

For example:

  • Being a logo designer, it would just take you 6-8 minutes to design a logo and you would get $5 for that. Apart from that, you can list gig extras like get the source/editable file for $15, get the 300dpi HQ logo file for $10. Thus you can make $5-$30 for a 5 minutes work and that’s a very fair amount. Top-rated freelancers do get 50+ orders daily and mostly they sell their 5 minutes for that. They know what to sell for $5 and is still useful for the public.

You can also send custom offers to your clients depending upon their requirements. It may vary from $5-$325 for New Sellers, $5-$1500 for Level 1 seller and no limit for 2nd level seller and Top-rated sellers.

You get $4 in your Fiverr wallet for every $5 service sold (Fiverr fee 20%)

I have read much five success stories that comes through Fiverr weekly emails and their blogs, and would like to tell that people have just not earned a decent lifestyle using Fiverr but have paid their home loans, education loans and have even set up companies making a good sum of money.

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@learnearnonline you copied this from here


third post down. copy/pasta/fail

I suggest you read this

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

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How do I INCREASE MY CHANCES OF BECOMING A TRS (TOP RATED SELLER) by posting TIPS? How do my TIP POSTS help me sell? Sellers notice that blogs, courses, and YouTube videos say that posting in the forum is part of becoming a TRS or that forum...

Reading time: 4 mins ? Likes: 2 ❤

and don’t copy the above post and claim it as your own as well.

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