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"Never Give up" If you want to become a "Successful Seller"


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Hi Everyone,

I have been working on Fiverr for 8 months and i am Level 2 Seller, I am Earning More than $1200 Per month

I have Some Great Tips for you to how to get orders on your gigs

:- Link your facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin accounts with Fiverr, share your all Gigs on those social networking sites and share your gigs on facebook groups ( groups Members Should be according to your service ).
Share all the gigs on all the social networking sites everyday.

:- Only Accept those orders which you think you can do perfectly.

:- Deliver Your orders as soon as you can.

:- Always Hear your buyers requirements if you think you will be able to do it then accept the order.

:- Always provide Proof in the Delivery

Hope those Tips will help you to boost up your fiverr Sales !!!

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Guest webexpert1313

i am not understand about “Only Accept those orders which you think you can do perfectly.”

because buyer place order order and countdown automatic start.
so how i accept or not?

because its auto accept and work start and countdown start.

can you explain please. thanks

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When it comes to freelance work, income is not always measurable in the amount of hours. Every order is different. Every project has unique requirements. And not all projects have the same order cost.

The factors that one seller pursues as they work to make $1,200 a month in income are unlikely to be the same for you. Don’t focus on the income other users make, focus on how YOU can complete the orders that you have, and how YOU can build a name for yourself as a unique and successful seller here on Fiverr.

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