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Great tIps for being successful on Fiverr


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Hi everyone,
I’ve crossed the $1,000/month and would like to share my tips to anyone who is new and/or wanting to expand their profit in their business. I’ve started my own businesses at the age of 18 so handling business is in my blood lol. Here are some small tips to help make your gigs pop and bring in the income that you desire.

1 - Reviews are very crucial. Always try your best to maintain a 5-star rating - nothing less.
At the end of every gig you complete, make sure to include a tiny paragraph stating something along the lines of “If you feel satisfied with your order, please do kindly rate me 5-stars. Your kind ratings and feedback help improve my gig” etc - if you don’t get those ratings in, your rankings will be low, and no one will be able to find your gigs! Do not be pushy, but be polite and sweet.

2 - Make more than just one gig. Make 10, or 20. Do not make more than 1 of the same gig however, that is spamming. By creating more gigs you are expanding your business, creating more exposure and options for your clients to choose from.

3 - If there is something you know you cannot do or provide, please don’t do it. In the end the buyer will be unsatisfied, they may leave a negative review, it can go in any direction. Be very straightforward and honest, and you will save you and your buyer much time and less stress. There will always be a new buyer, so don’t get discouraged when there is a task you cannot provide to them.

Hope these tips will help you on your Fiverr journey - blessings everyone!

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Great tips.
But one question. Say I’m new on fiverr and I didn’t use twitter/facebook before. What is the benefit to share the gig in my social account where there are not enough friends/followers?

If I want to get the actual follower that means the man who actually want to buy my services.,…what should I do?
Where do i get the follower on the twitter?
What is my work If I am new on fb and twitter?

Please suggest me. Thanks 🙂

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For Twitter I type in keywords of what I make for my gigs - for example: “psychics” in the search bar and “favorite” people’s tweets, follow people, etc. which help me gain followers and exposures.
So do a similar process with facebook as well - share your page with other people, etc. You basically self-promote.

Another idea is classified ads - perhaps in your area or online.

Little things here and there will attract customers to you slowly. Just be creative and people will come to you.
Hope this helps 🙂

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If activity on the forum equated to more sales, I’d be filthy rich right now. Forum activity is really only for expanding your knowledge base and sharing your knowledge with others. Seriously: in a year and a half of being busy on the forum almost daily, I think I’ve met less than 15 buyers who spent less than $150. Or, $10 each. Posting on the Fiverr forum is objectively not a successful marketing strategy.

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Here’s how to use social media to market yourself: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/how-i-use-social-media-to-market-my-fiverr-gigs/

Spamming keywords or setting up a Twitter bot to favorite tweets with your targeted keyword and following people who talk about the same is sure-fire recipe to identified as a spammer and possibly even get ignored or blocked by the very people you’re trying to persuade to buy what you’re offering. Trust me on this: I’ve been there, I’ve done that. It’s super tacky, and people will immediately see through what you’re doing.

The people who want what you’re offering will find you if you follow established best-practices for SEO and proper use of keyword tags in your social media, and the best way to move it along is to collaborate with other people who are already established in the same field. Collaboration builds cooperation and trust, and it also means that you can share you audiences with each other and get cross-over appeal.

Favoriting and following based on keyword search is yesterday’s social media marketing strategy. The world has moved on, and you’re best served following what’s current.

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a customer gave an order to me. I completed order in half an hour. he was very satisfied with my work. he gave me 5 stars. I am happy. and another person orders a work which I didn’t list in my gig. when I say I can’t do that then he cancels that order. I difficult situation for me.

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