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Incomplete Order


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I have an incomplete order that has been sitting for well over a month, the buyer never finished giving instructions and so now, no matter what I always have the little pink dot and one order showing in Q has anyone ever had this issue and how can it finally get resolved?

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How do you report it? I have two of these. One from a buyer I have never spoken or chatted with.

Contact Fiverr Support Telling The Order ID “order number of the order”

and what issues you are facing along with the order and reason for cancellation

Depending on your reason

the fiverr support will carry out your Cancellation REQUEST

Request Fiverr Support

for a cancellation today


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No, unfortunately Fiverr Support would not help you.

Fiverr Support CAN remove this orders, but it will affect on your rating.

I’ve also done that maybe an year ago, even without seeing this post and they’ve removed one of the incompleted orders… and yes it affected on the rating.

After that I’ve asked for couple more and the answer was, it will affect on the rating and they CAN’T do anything about that, because that’s how the system works. And if you look at it like that… it’s not our fault at all, but yet, it will affect on our rating. Why? For what? That’s really unfair…

Right now I have 6 INCOMPLETE orders for $165… and some of them are even older than one year. It’s really weird… it seems that we have to have this orders, like… forever.

I think Fiverr should come with some kind of rule for that… for example, if INCOMPLETE order is idle for more than one month, two or three months, after that automatically to be removed without affecting on our rating.

Because it’s obvious that if one INCOMPLETE GIG is not completed in time period of three months… it would NEVER be completed.

I really think FIverr should consider this kind of option. It would be really easier for sellers.

Many new buyers who are not yet familiar with Fiverr’s rules, they’re just placing orders without knowing that those orders will stay INCOMPLETE forever.

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