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I really don’t have a good idea on how to get many orders, or any orders at all. I have been using this website for only two days but I can’t grow without getting any orders. Orders after all are what give you a good reputation. If you have any advice I would appreciate it.

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One of the best ways to get your first order is to ask a friend to sign up for Fiverr and order something from you. This will give you some experience in how orders work without the risk of dissatisfying a customer right off the bat. Plus, friends are more likely to give positive reviews. 🙂
You should also promote your gigs to your followers on social media. Even if your followers don’t need your services, they’ll be able to share your Fiverr link with others who might.
Good luck to you!

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I see your gigs.

You have to decorate them more professionally.

Get idea from Same Type of Gig’s Description & Title What You Want To Sell on Fiverr.

Like, You want to give service ‘write a poem’

Search on Fiverr using the term ‘Write a poem’

You will get plenty of gigs related to your keywords who has a lot of reviews.

Generate Idea & Make Your Gig More Customer Friendly.

You will see what tags the existing top sellers using for their gig under review section of gig page. Make a list and choose best 5 keywords, use them to your gig.

Try to use unique and attractive image.

canva.com can be a good example of free online customized image creation tool. or you can use adobe photoshop

Make a video explaining your service and add it to your fiverr gig.Experts say it will increase the chance of selling 220%

Send Reply to Buyer Request and show them your portfolio ( Previous Works Sample ) And tell them why they should choice you for this specific job. Be creative, Be unique.

Try to share your gig in different social medias. Please,Do not spamming. Go to your gig related pages and groups. Add targeted group members and page’s fans to your friend list ( manually ) and show the targeted audience - what you are offering.Update your status regular basis. Share tips related to your gig and mention you gig 1 or 2 times within 10 status update. This Process will increase your trustworthy.

And, Definitely, you have to maintain excellent customer support to better sustain in fiverr.

At last,wish you good luck.


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Guest webexpert1313

Welcome to Fiverr !!
You need to Wait and Promote your GIGs in Social Media, Forum and Outside also.
You must be daily send good offers for buyers in “BUYER REQUEST”.

then you can see result after few days, I understand every new comers have worry about orders, but i give you advice don’t hurry, just wait and watch and promote your gigs many more.

Hope you will get more orders soon thanks.

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Guest jwaynevo


Here’s a few things to consider:

  • You might want to also connect to your facebook. Fiverr loves social proof, and the more you connect to the better off you are.

  • I noticed on your gigs that you haven’t maximized your photos, a pdf attachment, add-ons, characters available in description etc. Make sure you allow your users plenty of options to customize their purchase. It adds value to your services.

Content helps to not only capture but personalize and explain your service to the masses. A visitor might feel that if you haven’t taken the time to maximize your own gig, what makes them think that you’ll go above and beyond in maximizing their buying experience?

It doesn’t hurt to update your gig and test some things out. Save your gig through print screen or any other software you want to use, because worse case scenario you can always change it back.

Hope those few tips help, that should be enough to help you gain some traction. I wish you much success.


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