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Use buyer requests carefully :)


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Hi Seller, Today i am going to give few tips about how to use buyer requests.
you only have 10 requests so use them carefully.

1.Don’t start sending requests randomly
2.Don’t consider a request which already got 20+ requests.

These two are the main points you should have in mind while sending buyer requests.

one more thing,you guys should only respond to that offer which you are 100% sure that you can do it.

instead of sending gig orders you guys should use custom orders.

why i recommend customer orders ? because you guys can freely select cost and delivery time.

Experience sellers cand share experience in comments below 🙂

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@hughmura You are absolutely right. As a seller sometimes I post request for services I need and when the offers starts coming in, I observed some sellers go off point on what I want and just send me some random message, they probably sent to all the buyers they made offers to. What i do is i only respond to the ones that send me custom offers. Mostly if i have like 25 offers, only about 3 or 4 will be custom offers. This also guided me in sending custom offers to buyers and it really works.

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