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Some things I've learned from Fiverr


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Hi everyone, I started on Fiverr in January of this year. I recently became a level 2 seller and business is booming! I thought I’d share a few tips I have learned that have really helped me succeed.

  1. You are delivering a product to real people!
    I think this is one of the biggest things so many of us sellers forget. It’s amazing how happy customers are when you give them just a little bit more than they asked for. I always say “under promise, over deliver.” If what you are doing doesn’t actually cost you anything other than your time, why not do a little more? It could mean an additional 5 star review or a tip!

  2. Have great communication with your customers.
    I work in the wedding industry. People don’t want to be left waiting. If a client or potential customer sends you a message answer it as soon as possible, In this day and age of smartphones and push notifications there really isn’t a great reason why you would take an excessive amount of time to answer a question!

3)Do your best!
Whatever you are selling, you are also selling yourself - your brand. If you do a sloppy job it will catch up to you eventually, either through a less than 5 star review or worse: cancelled gig. Just do your best!

4)Stay relevant!
Don’t get lazy and think you can just sit back and let the gigs fall in your lap. There is always someone with a better idea, or better execution, or more cutting edge. In this day and age every industry is being bombarded with new techniques. Stay on top of them and make sure you are aware of whats changing! (I’m looking at you SEO guys!)

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you are having a hard time getting gigs just be patient. Try updating your gig, maybe change the photo. Read the insights and adjust as necessary.

Know your strengths, but more importantly know your weaknesses. I have no idea how to use Illustrator. I’m not going to try and succeed with a logo designing gig. See what I mean?

Have a great day!

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