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Dear ProsperGig:

I took a look at your profile.

Profile Photo: Your hair covering your left eye makes you very mysterious. TOO MYSTERIOUS. Also, your Mona Lisa half-smile is not as effective as a full, welcoming smile would be. I’m shy, and I’d be too intimidated to talk to a mysterious, half-smiling woman like you. Try to give me the impression that it’s okay for me to talk to you!

Log Line: You don’t have one. You should get one.

Profile Text:

We are the best in whiteboard video animations. We just want to create an amazing video. Ok, that is a big understatement. What we really want to do is create a video so great your kids will like you… 🙂

Who are we? Why are we talking about us, when there’s just a picture of you? I didn’t know I had any kids?! Okay, you’re freaking me out here! How do you know so much about me! When did I get kids?! What are their names? Forget them liking me, do I like them? AAAAAGH!

I looked at this gig: I will create an OUTSTANDING whiteboard animation video in 24 hours

I don’t have any specific suggestions for the text, but you should definitely have a video, and probably 2 more images.

Good luck,

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Let me make it simpler. Don’t change anything about yourself. Download a female or male avatar off the internet. Then people won’t judge you. Sometimes when you make a gig it don’t show up in the search results. To fix this I have had to make the gig a couple of times. Don’t mess with the gig much after you publish it. The title is the gig url, so by editing the tile a bunch. My theory is that the link to the gig becomes broken.

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