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Can a buyer download the final delivery images without watermarked?


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Can a buyer download the final delivery images without watermarked before marking the order as complete?

Isn’t the image protected?
Don’t you think if Buyer can download the final images easily before marking the order as complete, then they also have a choice to cancel the order,
They can easily make excuse that they won’t get what they asked for?
But In real, they have it before.

Today same happened with me.
One of my buyer sent me exact same image, I send him in final delivery,
I was waiting for him, to mark the order.
But he sent me the same image ,asking for modification
I’m not complaining about the buyer here, he will mark the order complete, but
I’m curious to know, How protected watermark helps us? when they don’t suppose to be there when buyer save the image on his desktop?.
and why do even fiverr let the buyer download the original image before completing the order?

I know buyer can take screenshot, but in my case the he sent me the exact image with exact dimension, which is only possible if fiverr let him download the image.

And I’m also curious to know what happened when a buyer asked for revisions and the live image show turned off, which show the watermark.

Is the watermark still there to protect the images for previous images I sent.

Sorry for the grammatical mistakes

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The watermark feature is a good one, and the buyer cannot or should not be able to download it without the watermark unless you sent it as an attachment before you delivered.

If you deliver, and there is a modification request, the buyer can download both the first image and the modified image without the watermark. That’s the only little issue I see where unethical buyers can get a two for one deal.

I send the buyer a screenshot with my own watermark first, using jing. If they approve and don’t need changes, then I deliver.

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Actually I do the same by watermarking the picture, but since fiverr introduced watermark feature, I thought why not use it,
But till yesterday when I uploaded the image with watermark feature on by fiverr( displaying on photo) ,

Suddenly, the buyer asked for modification by sending the same image with same dimension I send, asking that it won’t fit, please change the dimension.
And I just freaked out, how the hell buyer able to download the image?

Now I also think that when buyer asked for modification, then our previous delivery can easily download by buyers.
There’s definitely a bug there

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And Two years later here is my reply. 🙂

I am working for one buyer for a month now and she can download my work without watermark. Even though the order is not marked as complete.

How i know this,

  1. She never marks order as complete, It automatically completes in 3 days. I asked her to give me feedback and approve it. But she said she can’t approve it because there some technical issue on her account. But now that i have been working for her for so many days, she never cheated me.

  2. I have seen my images on her website without watermark. Even those which is yet to complete automatically.

I think the fiverr App is buggy and delivers the work without watermark.
As she mostly use App to download and place the order.

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