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  1. Yes you are right. I didn’t check the other lines in earnings section. and i got a reply from them, they also explained it nicely. Thanks for the response. 🙂
  2. yes i am sure its a but i have contacted the support and waiting for the response. Check screenshot: Untitled-1v2 — ImgBB
  3. Hi, So recently i did an order worth $56.25 (Tip Included) When order was completed i see that i earned only $20 with this? Fiverr takes 20% of the order right? so i should earn $45. why i earned only $20? Can some one help me with this? i am confused? Screenshot: Untitled-1v2 — ImgBB Thanks roshanekka
  4. Hi Everyone, I hope you all are doing great. so everything was great, i had many orders but one day i was infected by corona, a very unfortunate day. It destroyed my Fiverr career. I was asked to leave my house and shift to a quarantine center for 28 Days (14 Days active + 14 Days Passive). Quarantine center was away from city with very bad internet connectivity. I work on my PC which i high end i don’t have a high end laptop yet which can help me in creating graphics quickly. I took an old laptop with me to work from the quarantine center. I had over 14 Orders that Day. All orders got delayed i couldn’t even come on mobile to ask for extending the delivery time. My Gig was listed on first page but now its no where. Covid Ended my Fiverr Career. I have No Job now. I am going through a lot of stress. My savings will help me survive only 2 more months. No other place to share these so i posted here. Thanks For your time. Stay Safe Roshanekka
  5. Fiverr is not only freelance service. There are a lot. One of my client mentioned the name i forgot. It was new but i saw a lot of sellers.
  6. As far as i remember they used to charge $1 as a service charge now its $2. Three buyers refused to order they said they wont use fiverr its costly. Im really sad. it was a nice 1yr and 4 months with fiverr now my sales going down.
  7. It is in the terms of service that this is against fiverr’s rules so you need to report this to customer support and send screenshots of the order, and the link to the seller’s gig that is like yours. We share the same category he is selling same kind of gig but not exactly my design or gig description. The only problem is he ordered and cancelled. so it makes me think he himself being a seller ordered my gig and which he is also selling & cancelling within 1 minute of placing the order. And he says its a mistake. Should i report this? BTW i refunded him.
  8. I think some sellers have started a new trick to lower others completion rate. I have maintained a good 100% completion rate on my gig & 5.0 ratings. now today i received an order form other seller who is selling exact same thing which im selling. He ordered the most premium package of my gig and now asking me to cancel the order. i highly doubt that this seller is trying to ruin my order completion rate. All i want to say is beware of such sellers and report them to fiverr support.
  9. And Two years later here is my reply. 🙂 I am working for one buyer for a month now and she can download my work without watermark. Even though the order is not marked as complete. How i know this, She never marks order as complete, It automatically completes in 3 days. I asked her to give me feedback and approve it. But she said she can’t approve it because there some technical issue on her account. But now that i have been working for her for so many days, she never cheated me. I have seen my images on her website without watermark. Even those which is yet to complete automatically. I think the fiverr App is buggy and delivers the work without watermark. As she mostly use App to download and place the order.
  10. I mean to say that if people download form mobile app they can download it without watermark. and after downloading they cancel the order. They take the design with no watermark on it even before the order is marked as complete. In web its working fine i guess. but buyers can easily download the final work and not mark the order as complete and then ask for refund.
  11. Im a graphics designer and i have noticed the those buyers who download the designs using mobile apps are able to download the original design. I mean there is no fiverr watermark. It is a serious issue. please fiverr look into it. Im not sure if this is happening with website also. Usually FIverr puts a watermark on our designs to protect us graphics designers. But its not working. and one of my buyer also told that she was able to download it without watermark. Please have a look.
  12. Hi There, I complete the design work and the client want me to deliver the source file also it was a gig extra which he ordered along with the design. I was wondering that if i provide the design and the source file. so he can easily download the source file (PSD) and cancel the order?? or fiverr allows download of source file after the order is complete??
  13. You can still cancel those orders by going to the “resolve now section”. But cancelling these orders will result in increase of cancellation rate. i cancelled few orders to which the seller did not respond to and due to which i’m suffering from 3% cancellation. But this feature has increased my sales. 3 out of 4 orders are available now orders.
  14. if you activate it then even normal messages needs to be replied within 5 minutes. If we dont reply to messages of Spammers then also we get that message that you forgot to turn it off. am i only facing it? So all messages needs to be replied within 5 minutes.
  15. BTW did you check if your gig is visible on Available now page?? My gig is not listed yet.
  16. We just need to enable it on dashboard and it will be enabled for all the gigs we have.
  17. I saw moderator say it is available for few users and will be available for everyone after the testing is complete. Its in BETA. So you don’t need to worry.
  18. Do we need to turn it on for every gig?? I see the option Beside selling to enable it. No were else on gig.
  19. Really awesome feature. But i do not see my gig on the Available now page of social media design, I have already Activated this feature.
  20. because you have 5 active orders. 3 delivered and 2 you are working on. when it goes below 5 you will be eligible.
  21. Go through the above suggestions and i hope you get some help with that. I’m planning to do modifications on my gig. You can try as well.
  22. Yes late delivery will surely affect the sales. i have the same case as you. I delivered it late and that’s the reason why i’m suffering this month. However after getting so many replies on this thread I’ve got strength to face the situation now and I will have patience in tackling the situation, hopefully i will get over this situation in coming months. I will make changes as suggested above. And I’m sure many new sellers get help from this thread.
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