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Writers: Who's up for being the gig packages test bunny?


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So, I got this nice little notification from Fiverr today saying that my article writing and blog writing gigs can now be switched over to gig packages. Now I’ve already set packages up on 2 (originally 3) gigs and although these were new (ish) gigs the clicks, views and orders from these have markedly decreased.

The above being the case, I’m very reluctant to set up packages on my bread and butter writing gigs. - At least for now. It would be interesting, though, to hear from any writers who do set up packages and if there is any effect on orders. (Positive and negative details would be much appreciated).

So… Who’s going to be the test bunny? Any takers?

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Packages for writing is strange I think. I activated packages for my proofreading gig some time back and to be honest I don’t think it looks right. I think it is more confusing for buyers and the only difference between my packages are the number of words.
I can’t think of any real advantages to using packages for writing. What would the 3 stages be? This is how I imagine that Fiverr imagines it will be but I don’t think it works.
Option 1: Basic xxx words for $5
Option 2: Better writing xxx words for $25
Option 3: Ultimate writing xxx words for $50

I know you could add in options for things like SEO content or something else but really I don’t see it being useful.

So, not me either (to answer your question)

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Well, I have popular gig extras which I would love to set as package options. So far though the gigs I have set up packages on are dying a death and I think it’s because the pricing structure says, “Hey look, nothing that I do is actually $5!” - Even though my basic offering is just the same as it always was.

These be troubling times…

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I’ve said this a dozen times; packages are very difficult to read and figure out and do not sell the gig like simply having a well written description does.

I want to see a description followed by some choices of extras. It’s not work to figure out but gets right to the point with what I want to know, which is more about what is being offered. I can also tell if a seller writes in a coherent way and get a feel for the seller’s style.

Why can’t we have this be optional? It works well for some sellers and is a bad choice for others. Let us choose which works best for us.

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These packages were originally designed for graphic sellers, weren’t they? They make sense in that context as you can offer source files, higher quality etcs and all kinds of stuff while still delivering the same base product.

I think Fiverr needs to re-evaluate how the packages would work in other categories based on the most common upsells and integrate those into packages. As it is, I’d LIKE to convert, but… meh, it’s not optimized and I like my income where it is, not going to risk it as a guinea pig. Color me boring!

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Just an article that will give insight on packages. http://www.davidairey.com/nobody-bought-the-cheapest-option/

As for pricing packages for writing gigs, I have some suggestions:
Cheapo writing $5
Tolerable writing $10
Super awesome heck-you-can’t-believe-its-awesomeness writing $50

Hahaha. I kid, but I understand your dilemma… but it seems like Fiverr is forcing us to change to packages… It’s rolling in faster than expected.

Ryan (@ryangillam) seems to have put up packages for his writing gigs. I hope he reads this so he can share some of his thoughts.

P.S. I ended up changing to packages because I couldn’t edit my delivery time once packages rolled in my category (I don’t offer writing work though so I can’t say anything if it works, but so far packages have been working for me – I got a lot of recent bulk orders and have just recovered from vacation mode due to the stress of having to deliver so much. Though I feel like I need another vacation again. *Sigh)

P.P.S. I do not like how the extras are not seen in gig packages but only when the buyer clicks on that package. 😕

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