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Have you recommended Fiverr with others?


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Hi everyone! this is the 1st time ever I make a post in the forum…and English is not my native language, so, forgive my rusty english, I wanted to know about something that really intrigues me.

What happens when you recommend Fiverr with other people?

At least in my experience,I have a lot of different reactions from people, and some others Designers wants me to burn on the bonfire n_nU, because they dont like the idea of selling a service of 5usd, (but I guess, everyone here know that it is just at the begining and you can win more with the time).

Actually Im really happy with my incomes on Fiverr.

So, please share your experiences! 🙂

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Several years ago, a good friend of mine recommended Fiverr to me, and now I make
enough where I can pay my rent, etc. The friend who originally told me about Fiverr thought of creating gigs, but in the end decided not to, he simply said “I’m just too lazy, hahaha.”

I mentioned Fiverr to another friend who has a great deep voice and a great muscular body, and he joked that he can do voice overs or maybe hang a sign around his neck with his shirt off, but so far he hasn’t tried it. Personally I think he would be successful here, let’s see what happens!

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