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The big guys vs. the starter guys


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Hello there, I was pretty excited to start on this site.
After filling out required stuff and creating gigs. I searched for sellers that offer the same services as I do.
Anyway, I ended up with thousands of results "Classified by ratings"
So my question is, that these big guys already got the job, How can site beginners like us get a chance? Is there a way to attract attention to my services rather than the picture and caption “Other than sharing on social media”, Because it’s not that important when someone with 21K ratings is against you.
Excuse me because I’ve just started here and i’m pretty confused.

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How does any new business compete against established businesses? In my local community, I see new businesses that pursue shoppers eagerly. I recently wanted to buy some furniture. I went to a major “big box” store and found pricey options, though nice, and they also needed 2 weeks to deliver my product.

I went to a new furniture store that was a family owned business and they offered me a slightly discounted product and offered to get it to my house by the next day with no added cost for that delivery. I went with the new store and I’m very happy. I’ll go back soon for more. Start out with a positive attitude, personalized service and pursue your buyers with great deals. If it didn’t work, Fiverr wouldn’t be growing. Even your username “crestfallen” sounds like a negative statement and doesn’t draw me to your gigs.

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Of course, you are right.

However, after such a very accurate and complete answer, I would also like to respectfully add one more very important selling factor when it comes to David and Goliath…

It never has to do only with the existed ‘‘competition’’ between two sellers of the same kind of service and their difference on the amount of sales…

I believe that the matter has mainly to do with the ‘‘abillity’’ that a seller has to prove the quality of his/her service even before selling to a buyer by representing himself as a serious business man who knows why he stands out because he also knows his values.

So, what kind of a simple, fast and smart way can you use in order to ‘‘pass’’ the message in the most efficient way possible when being a seller?

When you present a confusing and an uncertain image of your service, it wil most propably mean that you doubt about yoursel and who would trust your abilities when you do not even present on people the ‘‘real you’’?

You must feel like you already are a giant by showing what you are capable of doing and this is a fact represented by your social skills or your skills in general and not by the number of your sales on your Fiverr Profile.

I am sorry for such a long reply…

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I’ll toss in my 2 cents… First the comments already suggesting great stuff, I am fairly new seller here on Fiverr, and had the same concerns why would people choose me with no feedback over established sellers on here.

So I took a creative approach I looked at all the things listed in my niche… and decided I need to stand out from my competitors by offering uniquer things to offer people a choice that others don’t present…and it took a while before I got my 1st order (a month) and it was very discouraging.

I felt like I am still buried, but after I got my 1st order and my 1st feedback more inquires started rolling in and I converted every inquiry into a client and I’m at point where I have my established gigs that I don’t touch they draw in the crowed to my profile and other gigs I switch around.

If one of my gigs doesn’t get any “gigs saved” and when the traffic meter was working not getting much traffic, I change it out for another gig. My key is to keep things unique, and fresh.

To demonstrate to potential clients that there is probably more and if they inquire and ask can you do this or can you do that… And it worked, I had a few custom orders that I did just because people asked me if I can do it (I presented the idea in my gigs).

So its not how many fish there is in the sea or how does a small fish compare to a large one its how does it distinguish itself from the other fish.

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Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Fiverr is going to be the one-stop solution to your marketing needs. Fiverr isn’t an end, but a means to an end, and you must look at it not as an employer who brings you work, but as a tool that processes sales transactions. In that sense, Fiverr will bring you as much business as a credit/debit-card point-of-sale machine… which is to say, nothing. Yes, Fiverr does work hard to spotlight the best sellers (both new and established), but if you don’t do your own advertising, you’ll never get the income you want.

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Dear Jamesbulls,

I believe that nobody falls into that trap.

If someone has already been and experienced seller before started selling on Fiverr, he or she certainly knows how business works and I believe that we all know the importance of advertising.

As for me, I have made my own advertising arrangements by creating my own professional website/blog, being active on social media and so on…

I believe that this is what you mean when you refer to advertising and of course I totally agree with you but a seller’s image is judged by the image that he/she represents at all aspects or places and Fiverr is our shop at the moment.

So, I believe that it is not a waste of time to our shop look nice and professional.

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