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  1. I guess this sub-forum is the best one to bring this topic into place. The topic is story of a metaphor that, I am sure some or more then some can relate too on here. I’ve been apart of fiverr for a few years now. I feel my experience with fiverr in those few years is growing from a child into an adult. When I first started with fiverr, I was a “child” (for those of you confused, i was not actually a child its the metaphor get with the picture) So as I was saying, I was a child. Fiverr to me was a new world of awe, and excitement as well as fear. It was a new world, and you don’t know if you can adjust to it, its so full and bright and overwhelming, but fiverr like any good parent, helps you with it. Makes you feel special and helps reach your potential. I was an optimist, I felt capable and walked on my own 2 feet, found my own independence and exhibited all the characteristics. I achieved goals, and was rewarded. I grew and fostered, and felt my parent was the best in the world. Until I reached my teenage years… the relationship lost its spark… I’ve became more rebellious and fiverr felt distant. The awe and admiration has left and other children came in… I no longer felt special. The parent that once always gleamed seemed so far away. As things grew, and progressed more rules were layed out in front, the good parent has turned its back and a new entity has emerged… Rules they say are good for you, they will make you better. Feelings of anger and betrayal started to emerge. I should run away… Why stay? they do nothing for me this horrible parent. So you I go my own way, but still stay under the roof of my parent. you abide by the rules unhappily. years go by, and I’ve became my own person… Evolved different emerged from your experiences… You no longer rely solely on your parent, but you do not cast them aside either. A weekend relationship emerges, I’ll see you Saturday for brunch, will catch up. The rules are still there, and the parent is hard to be around for a long time, but I smile and nod, knowing that I wont ever reach their approval. I’ll always have the nod and the smile, but it wont ever be a hug. This is the relationship that will go on, until its over and a tear might be shed or the soul may be dry by then. So this is my metaphorical story, I know its not the best… and for all you lucky people. I don’t write articles for a living, but I hope that a few people did get a smile out of this. Not looking for critiques, if you don’t like it… shrugs Just some writing in a platonic way.
  2. I am just going to toss my 2 cents in… and say that you know that… this feels like a corporate overhaul… Do the weeding, and get people to shape up or get out, but one thing though is that people who maintained there ranks, got not even a good job. Corporate at its best lol! Do a house cleaning, teach some people a lesson to shape up, and then the once who do well… Go unnoticed. I am just saying…
  3. Hehe thanks! Knowledge should be shared, and for those who adhere the advice put in the work and effort it will pay off. Before I got into my niche… Like many others, I wanted to work at home, and did miscellaneous things. Getting into fiverr and reading articles about people who used their skills and became their own bosses. This helped me find confidence in my skills, and besides doing Fiverr gigs, I create content and being able to use what I said by going into different niches using my skills… There is really endless possibilities. I’ve already did some profile jobs through here including a video for Mtv! So my point is lol… I think each individual posses skills its just learning and having the confidence/patients and work ethics in terms of getting to them and fiverr is that platform to allow for that emergence.
  4. Hello, Fiverr people. So not to long ago, I wrote a post about how to write a description. A lot of people found it very helpful, so I decided to continue and push it forward on how to optimize you gig and make it “stand out more” Before I begin my shpill… A disclaimer: First I am fiverr seller like you guys, I am NOT a fiverr employee, mod, admin etc… but if they want to offer me a job I’ll humbly consider it lol. Everything I write is just from my own experience here on fiverr, I am not a super seller… I am a coin toss from an average joe. With that being said please do not message me asking for help, if you want help ask it here on the forum! With that being said I shall begin. So to make an effective gig its like cooking a stew… You can toss in a bunch of “stuff” and hope it comes out good or you can actually put the proper ingredients and follow a recipe. Knowing the end result will come out good. Same thing with a gig, a lot of you people I am looking at you people! toss a gig that looks really rushed and then asking why isn’t the sky raining money… Then get discouraged. First thing is doing a GOOD gig requires TIME… Your gig is a representation of YOUR work… if you rush your gig your telling your future buyers, I will rush your work and present it on a sloppy dish. Your gig needs to be pampered and groomed slowly and carefully, the better it looks the better it will appeal to buyers! So first thing you start is with the title… Now the title is “more” then just a title… Title is your entry into the market… when someone does a search result they are basically and practically looking for titles when a person browsing first thing they will read is your title… So your title needs to accomplish 2 purposes. First is to Appeal to the buyer… Your title needs to explain what you are offering you don’t want to go into to much nor to little its a very delicate balancing act. Which brings into the 2nd purpose… Your title helps you show up in search results so the broader the title the more you will pop out and have more visibility. So the way that you want to write your title has to have certain elements… KEYWORDS… Definitely KEYWORDS now you don’t just want ANY keywords… Try doing a search on what people are looking for When people are looking for a service they typically type in very common normal words… So try to assess in your nitch what are people looking for and how to reach them from multiple direction(s) take your time don’t just rush it… do some research… see who’s on top (DONT COPY THEIR TITLE!!!) I REPEAT DO NOT COPY THEIR TITLES!! Just LOOK and get IDEAS… then do multiple search that you can branch out into and add those words to your title. Now you don’t just want to toss random words spin them in a context… For example… I will do something pretaining flowers, and arrangements, with tulips that leaves you speechless… In that example…I took keywords… and spun it together into a sentence that makes a title… (And they said I couldn’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time!) Good titles increase your visibility, and increased visibility is already half the battle to get noticed. So after you have your title… I’ve already written (can look on the forums) about writing your description so skipping that. Keywords: add keywords and try to make them relevant add them in your description and add them below… all those things make you more visible (half the battle!) So lets pretend you’ve got this far hehe! I kid, I know you’ll do good 🙂 Okay so the next main thing people look for is your presentation… I can’t stress it enough VIDEOS… I am not pushing videos cause that’s my niche lol. But ever heard the expression a picture is worth 1000 words? how many words is a video worth? probably a million lol… Why are videos good? because videos statistically capture and hold a persons attention longer! ask your self how much time did you spend on youtube today instead of working or doing something important? Uh…Huh… Videos are like a plug for our brain socket… We just sit there and let it flow in… Now there is a million ways to do videos there is a lot of do it yourself services if you google put in the work… Fiverr allows you to put 3 measily pictures up on your gig… Your weapon to lock in a buyer is 3 pictures? You can do 1 min long video… How many pictures can you put in 1 min?! If the buyer sees your TRUE talent! and this goes for ALL gigs… you can demonstrate your abilities, and that’s what you should be doing when a buyer is browsing a gig… the buyer is assessing your skills! So you can show 3 examples or you can show 20 examples… Impress you buyers! This goes with writing, Talking, playing, whatever you do… You need to let your buyers know you are the one that has the skills, drive and motivation to get THEIR job done. In order to do that you need to sell your self and to sell yourself. Setting up a gig takes me HOURS… Sometimes 5-6 hours (Yes I spend that much time setting up 1 gig sometimes even longer) I take my time to make sure everything is perfect. As stated before your impressions are really means nothing but your clicks means something! I am averaging 100 clicks per day and growing… That means my gigs are able to attract 100 people per day to actually open and look what I am offering. As I said before that’s half the battle… When they open my gig I want to make sure I have everything presented for them like a neat dinner table with candles in 5 star restaurant. I want them to be so incited by my gigs that they either purchase it or contact me with questions. If your a new seller… you have to walk the route and offer more initially for the buck… No one says you have to do it, but giving people some advantage to hire a new person. Being realistic you can tell someone your dependable but if your offering the exact same service someone else that has already 100 reviews… its hard to compete. So you need to compete! Capitalism baby! Once you achieve some stability you can even yourself out. Balancing your work with your worth but at least you’ll be able to compete now on a better level. I talk to a lot of people and when I am a buyer, I have sellers rushing and pushing. That is not good way to go about it… When talking to a buyer don’t use 3 word sentences… I know some are not native English speakers, but communication is very important and if you have a beautiful gig, but can’t communicate it can hurt you so… as hard as it is try to bring out a full conversation with your client to understand them. if your gig is dead in the water… Replace them… Not all gigs will reach the mile high club and some gigs are just not in demand for… leaving your gigs to stew for the end of time… is not the solution if your gig is not getting clicks/view/impressions/peeking eyes whatever… then its either not optimized properly or there is no demand for it either case being changing things up does not hurt… Shuffling and re-shuffling helps you. It keeps you fresh, and keeps you and you never know you shuffle enough might hit the gold mine gig that everyone wants and then its perfect. I have 4 gigs that constantly get attention… other gigs… peek and flat and to stay on top of the game I constantly re-shuffle add/remove its time consuming, but you put in the work you reap the rewards. Fiverr is either a part time job or a full time job. If your in the put a gig and leave it to stew for end of the time… Then your not in the right job! to get the best optimization once you have the gigs that are “consistent” you leave those and change gigs that are lagging - don’t get orders starting with your worst producing gig and moving up to a point you say up to here I’ll change things. Another idea I began utilizing is combining nitches… What does that mean… If you provide multiple services try to roll them into 1 gig that makes sense… Not 1 gig that you tossed multiple services in… But for example… Lets stay your a writer… Look at a different niche that is hot… and offer your service in that niche using your service specifically for that niche… other niches that are good that are under populated… so the demand might be there but only few people offering it… Doing that will help you rise above the competition by picking up a different kind of audience. Say for example… just a random example “restaurants” Try creatively placing yourself in that category by offering a service you can already provide specifically for that category! If the gig is a flop… then you switch it up and try a different niche! The idea is to constantly keep working - you shouldn’t not be doing something because there is nothing to do there is always something to do and someway to brandish yourself… So lets say you’ve done everything then you need to start looking at outside source for promotion… So once again some examples… Start a Twitter for your Fiverr and promote yourself. (How?!) GOOGLE IT… A lot of people promoting themselves and building followers make your twitter for your fiverr account FUN and not all about business… Engaging your audience and those followers can become your future buyers. There is always room for optimization. The only thing you can do wrong is sitting and doing nothing! I wish you all the best of luck!
  5. mine is pretty low but I have a high click rate and most of my work is custom orders. I make more on larger sales then on many smaller sales.
  6. Your welcome, glad my post is helping people. As new seller you can offer 7 gigs, yes they can be different as you described in your example. Its up to you if you brand yourself. As you increase in levels… As will how many gigs you can list as level 1 you’ll be able to list 15 gigs and as level 2 you’ll be able to list 20 gigs and as Top rated seller (can do a search on the forum about it) they get to list 30 gigs. There is a lot of other great info on the seller tips that can further answer your questions and also provide you with enough information to establish yourself as a seller in the right direction. As being new can be overwhelming. I wish you the best of luck!
  7. I’m glad you guys are finding value in this, and happy to share knowledge.
  8. You are very welcome, you have a neat gig, but keep in mind that. You need to work hard, in order to obtain buyers, by self promoting, and reaching out. If you opened a business, like a physical one, you would advertise it, and display it and do what it takes to get the word out about your location. Fiverr is no different, you can’t wait for people to stumble upon your gig, you need to go after to the people. Being proactive. I for example spend a lot of time on here, adding gigs, changing gigs, advertising my services, talking to clients, etc… its constant amount of work. The best way to go about it is, asking yourself have I done all I could today to advance myself? and into the next day and so on and so forth 🙂
  9. Hey everyone, I’ve been hanging out on the forums, and learning from others as I was growing myself and now that, I feel I’ve achieved a steady footing. I want to give some back and give some tips on how to write a gig description. When I first started on Fiverr writing a gig description was really hard… You don’t know what to say or how to say it. Always seems like its a challenge to find the right words or seem inciting enough. I’ve developed my own system of writing a gig and I’ll break it down, and hopefully it will help some of you 🙂 You’re allowed 1200 characters for your gig description my advice is use as much of it as you can! A good gig description tells a lot about the seller, it shows how well you introduce and explain your gigs as well as how much effort you put into them. The way I write my gig consist of 3 parts can break them down into the (head, body, and feet) I’ll break down each one in detail. So we open with a starting paragraph. Which is the head, the way I like to think about it this is your starting pitch assuming people don’t read from the middle start reading from the top… I like to open my gigs with a sales pitch… get the people exciting a little bit. So I introduce it with a sentence description… For example (I will do this and this for you… followed by the purpose of it… such as you can share it, post it, show it etc… I implant seeds of thought to get the people thinking in terms of utility.) As they think about the opening pitch we we go into the. Body. The body of the description gives the technical details… what are you getting for your money? for $5 you will get this and that and this… So there is no surprises… Feel free to list your extras here to say what you will do for additional charges. The idea is after you’ve given your sales pitch you give the people the technical because after someone is “interested”. They would like to know well how much, and what do I get and boom you got it covered. Finally from the body we go down to the feet. Here I put down the final bottom line… Check out my other gigs, let me know if you have any questions, I offer guarantees, Ask me about custom order, contact me, contact me, contact me. I cannot stress it enough… A buyer might walk away if you do not present him with a welcome mat. Encourage the buyer to reach out to you… Most business occurs through conversion. If you have anything else you want to add that is not sales pitch or technical specification that can also go down in the feet of the description. As I’ve stated above use all your characters. Use bold and highlighter but don’t use caps. use keywords in your description, repeat them and use other keywords if related in the description within a sentence, don’t just throw keywords implement them. Don’t sound needy in your description be bold, direct, and to the point. Use humor, make people smile and put in your personality… People like to deal with friendly people. Take your time to write a description, don’t rush it. Write it in word, or on piece of paper read it out loud, before typing it in. Your description is your 1st impression, before the buyer knows who you are they know your description. WHEN they scroll LOWER they see your feedback if any, but before that your 1st impression is based on your description. I hope that new people will find this helpful, and its very possible to get a solid footing here on Fiverr. Buyers don’t rain from the sky, so when they do land on your gig you want to make sure that your description is up to par! Good Luck!
  10. I am under going an issue right now, where I am trying very hardly to explain to the buyer to submit on the order page (even though his job doesn’t require submission he wants just text) I told him to say it and explained it and to no avail. I’ll wait a little longer but if he doesn’t actually submit the order properly. I’m going to cancel.
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