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Need expert suggestions to improve gig


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Hi there, @sameersalman. The one thing that stood out to me, immediately, was that you do not have a video to introduce your gig to the Fiverr community. Videos are wonderful because they give potential clients an easy to digest medium to understand exactly what you offer. And the numbers don’t lie… Your gig sales can increase as much 220% with a video to introduce your gig.

Another issue that jumps out at me when reading your gig description is that your grammar, spelling and sentence structure can use some improvement. This is important, as the description’s readability will make client comprehension much higher. There are a great deal of writers and proofreaders, right here on Fiverr, that can help to sharpen your gig description.

Making things easy for potential clients, makes their decision to choose you a lot easier as well.

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