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Ways to Promote Fiverr Gig


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Lots of people make good income from Fiverr to sell their Service. You can also make a good income from Fiverr and you need to promote your Gig for that. Now I am going to describe 7 ways to promote Fiverr Gig.

  1. Attractive Image
    Insert a good, attractive image for your Gig. A good, attractive image can assist to increase visitor. Gig sell will be increase, when visitor will increases.

  2. Insert Right Keyword
    Fiverr search option works like a search engine. When you search on Fiverr to insert a keyword, it will show you most relevant result with your keyword. So you will be should your targeted and your service related keyword insert into your Gig title and description.

  3. Upload a Video
    A good Video can assist to promote Fiverr Gig. Upload a video about your service and describe here about your experience, your service etc. As a result Buyer will trust you and your gig, so selling probability increases to 80% -90%.

  4. Use Social Media Promotion
    You can promote fiverr Gig using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google+, Instagram. At first you should increase your targeted audience, post your valuable information, advice and share your gig.

  5. Use Forum Site
    Forum posting is very effective way to promote Fiverr Gig. Participate forum discussion and post your opinion, advice, information. Than discuss about your service and insert your gig link into your signature.

  6. Ask your Buyer to feedback
    Ask your buyer to a positive feedback. Your gig will be more attractive and popular for a good positive feedback. After finishing your job ask your buyer for a positive feedback and a good rating point. Therefore you are to complete your job.

  7. Make Good relation with Buyer
    Make good relation with buyer, always contact with him via email or social media. Provide your advice, information, opinion, give him few free tutorial. Good relation with client increase your chance to sell your service again and again.

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