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I have a gig going on where ill design a logo and such and get it to the customer within the day.

I have a number of steps before delivering the final product.

1.) Sketch out designs

2.) Contact the buyer with sketches. (Ask about any changes etc.)

3.) If the buyer is satisfied with one of the sketches, ill go into the digital phase.

4.) Before the coloring comes into play or if they even want or need coloring, i ask them if they’re satisfied with the black and white design first.

5.) If they’re satisfied, ill go into the coloring/shading phase etc.

6.) After im finished i send the customer the product. If they’re happy with it, then i just deliver it.

I do this all within a day.


I have sent the buyer the sketches, yet they have not responded. My payment will be cancelled on April 19th, 2013 around 12:20pm PST if they dont reply to me with their choice. Is there a way to cancel the job or something without losing my reputation. Ill stay up and keep checking fiverr until around 3 am PST. But what should I do?

I dont want to have to cancel the job, but i also dont want to lose reputation if i miss the deadline. Not sure if that happens, as I am relatively new to fiverr.

Any help or advice would be great.



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