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  1. Or you can simply use Dropbox/Google Drive etc.. to upload the files and share the link with the customer (if the customer needs the file/s urgently)
  2. Yes. Experiencing the same issue. Hope it will be fixed soon 🙂
  3. Yes same issue here. I have delivered an order twice and turned out it was delivered without the attachments. Sent the files attached to a message and it’s not delivered either. I remember this has happened before and Fiverr staff fixed it. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon 🙂
  4. I’m sure this is a temporary issue. They’ll fix it soon.
  5. Do let us know when you hear from CS 🙂 So there’s no need to open further CS tickets.
  6. Yes. It’s currently unavailable. Really hope they’ll fix it soon…
  7. Inbox issue has been resolved 🙂
  8. It’s temporary. Should be fixed and back to normal soon 🙂
  9. Notification problem seems to have solved now. I just noticed this and I’m sure it will be fixed soon.
  10. Same here. Nothing to be alarmed as this definitely is a temporary glitch. They’ll fix it soon 🙂
  11. Same happened here. My best selling gig which was on the first page (best selling filter) was dragged down to 5th page within a couple of days 😕 Contacted support but didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Still scratching my head trying to figure out, how a gig with a couple of reviews and has a rating lower than 5 stars performs better than a gig with 13000+ reviews with 5 stars.
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