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Finally Made Top Rated Seller - 10 Months, 20 Days!


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Just wanted to send out a blanket thanks to Fiverr and all of my great clients. It’s been a crazy year and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

A special shout out to Kash Miah, Director of Social Media & Content Marketing, Channing Barringer, Senior Director of Public Relations, and Sam Katzen, another great Fiverr PR guy. They were all very instrumental in my rise to success and have been very wonderful people.

A few stats over my last 10 1/2 months:

2,239 orders
$43 average selling price per order
1,200+ positive reviews
4 negative reviews (grr)
99% positive rating

My favorite Fiverr writers whom I consider to be competitors, but drive me to be better:


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AT LAST! You did it, great news! As a close (albeit inferior) neighbor in the Fiverr rankings, I can truly vouch for how hard you’ve worked to get this far.

And if anyone dares to doubt what Levi has accomplished, check out his customers’ reviews - they tell it all!

Well done Levi - (but would you come back off vacation now?!)

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Congratulations! You’ve been a huge inspiration for me. I see you as colleague more than a competitor. Whenever I meet someone that wants me to do something I don’t wish to do, I send them for you.

So if you ever get a client that wants 5 headlines for $5 instead of “For $5, I can write your headlines, taglines, and ad copy up to 10 words.” I’m sure you can send him to me.

The only thing I don’t do is long copy. That’s one of the reasons you’re so popular, you’re doing things many of us do not wish to do, and you’re doing them really well.

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