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Please see my post buyer


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i will see more and more buyer order to top rated and level 2 seller …and new seller do not order any time why please answer me …new seller all time try hard work for buyer because he is try to arrived leveler seller and he want good review ,but nothing chance to him arrived leveler because only one buyer do not chance him …
i will request all fiverr buyer please chance new and hard working seller
don,t mind please

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I am a buyer and a seller, so I will answer part of your post. I do order from new sellers when the gig looks good. Here are some reasons I would not order from you:

-I cannot understand parts of your post and I would be afraid that we couldn’t communicate with each other.

-You are selling products that are either dangerous to buyers or wouldn’t really be delivered. I am well aware that social media sites often ban people who but likes, etc.

-You have used a gig image with models from an adult-oriented site. Even if you have the right to use them, they border in violating Fiverr ToS.

-Your profile picture is a stock photo.

-You say things in your gigs like “no boots our method is 100% safe.” With the numbers you promise it is not possible to do this without bots, which I assume is what you mean by boots.

Yes, my assessment is rough, but you asked so there are my honest answers. None of these reasons are based on your “new seller” status.

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