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Hi I have hust received this email from some person on Fiverr and really I don’t know what is it? Is this some kind of scam, what do you think?

PS. I XXXed the sensitive data



                It is a pleasure for me to reach out to you concerning, a partnership agreement proposal, which will be sent once this invitation has been accepted.                The basic detailed of the agreement will be stated below however I would like to introduce myself  first and my mission.

His name is XXX but, he prefer to be called XXX. He reside in XXX, XXX, USA. He is a business consultant, an advisor, a speaker and a product developer.

This a link to his Linkedin profile . https://www.linkedin.com/in/XXX

Mostly, he is the guy behind the curtains controlling project with the help of his connections and influence… (Mastermind will be the collective word for most of his practice)
He have faced hard times and good and real good times just like any startup or business owner. More will be known about him as we continue to work together.

                I am forming a very reputable agency with a high standard, that is why I am reaching out to you as a potential candidate, to have the chance to be part of this agency as an Independent Partner (IP) and also for me to have the chance to have you as, one of my Independent Partner (IP).

This is not an agreement, but an invitation that will pave way for an Independent Partnership (IP) Proposal and other details to be sent to you once this invitation is accepted.

The points below are some few basics of the Independent Partnership (IP) agreement.

•	Client/Customer business/project will be sent from me or the authorized person to your company/you.•	Based on client’s/customer’s specification, one or more potential Independent Partner (IP) will be chosen to work on a project.•	Two or more Independent Partner (IP) can be involved in completion of a project.•	Terms and agreements will be put in place to avoid conflict of interest.•	Decisions will be made by me/authorized person and the Independent Partners (IPs) working on a project.•	Payments will be made in this procedure ~ Clients to Me/Agency to Independent Partner (IP) ~ most of the time. •	Most part of Independent Partners (IPs) payments will be made before project is delivered to agency then to client.(measures will be put in place by Independent Partners (IPs) and Agency to insure smooth payment transactions )•	For Legal purposes all Independent Partners (IPs) are not working together on a partnership agreement terms but as an agency and an independent contractor/Independent company agreement, however for marketing and public purposes all  independent contractor/Independent company will be referred to as an Independent Partners (IPs).•	Solid transparency and accountability.•	This partnership will be based on a solid trust.•	A reasonable percentage hold of Independent Partner (IP) fees, billed on project and will be given out when, agreement ends and some requirements has been completed.(This requirements will be found in the main agreement sheet)

There is more to the above points, however this is just and invitation and not an agreement, so there is not much details.A complete agreement will be sent, once this invitation is accepted and detailed review has been made by me/the agency.

More details will be shared along with the agreement. The reputation of my agency will be based luxury and emotions perceivement, upon the encounter of our work and our partners that is you.

              Please If you have read this invitation, it was due to me checking out few of your work and having a thumbs up for them.

If you chose to have the agreement sent to you, sign below and add any comments, questions or suggestions you may have, to this email XXX@ XXX, also if you need some clarification before your agree to accept this invitation, send your questions to XXX@ XXX and you will be answered. Thanks for your time.

Signature/Initials of Representative: XXX
Name, Title: XXX
Company Name: XXX
Date: October 23, 2015
Signature of Representative: ________________________________

Name, Title: ________________________________

Company Name: ________________________________

Date: ________________________________


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Guest reinier01

My answer to this would be short and sweet- “Thanks, but no thanks.” And then I would report is as spam.

This has “SCAM” written all over it, and I would not touch it with a ten-foot barge pole, or anything else.

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It is all meaningless such as this line:

“The reputation of my agency will be based luxury and emotions perceivement, upon the encounter of our work and our partners that is you.”

There is no information in it so I suggest ignoring it. It does not display an ability to communicate any coherent message.

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Hi, I’ve got a message few days ago that a man (claimed to be a huge landlord) has a lot of money and he said that want to invest that money in my country but he need a trustworthy people (Of course me :P) to make that transaction in my account to keep it secure and return back on his arrival to my country. He called my country Algeria which its not, my page clearly say that I’m from Pakistan (made me think that its a bot).
I laughed a lot while reading this message. How can a landlord think that my account is more secure than his.


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