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Today, A shocking thing happened on fiverr with a friend


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Hi! I’ve read the post and this is something that I’m always worried about… It’s so sad 😦
I have a question about a similar trouble and I’m looking for the answer trough every post and replies here at the Fiverr Forum, but I’ve haven’t found it yet.
If you can help me, I’ll be so glad!

What happens if I complete an order (about $20 or much more), I deliver the work (in which I put all my effort) and the buyer likes the work but he/she threat me with a negative review if I don’t cancel the order and refund the money…
-If I cancel the order and refund the money, I’ve lost my time and my effort. AND HE/SHE GETS MY WORK FOR FREE.
-If I don’t cancel the order, and report him/her to the Fiverr CS, maybe they would tell me “The buyer is always right” and HE/SHE GETS MY WORK FOR FREE.

Will I always lose? because the only way he/she doesn’t get my work for free is that when I report the problem to Fiverr CS they remove the bad review… and as I read… This not always happen… And it’s a risk…

So… How can we protect our work? I mean… If this kind of buyers get their money back… They should not be able to get my work (the file) either…

Please, anybody knows about any way to protect our work? or this is as utopian as I think it is…

Thank you so much for your attention! I hope anybody can answer me 🙂

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Its so unfortunate that a site like fiverr offers literally no privileges to sellers. Be it tax deductions, reviews or what not, it is always the seller who is at loss. Fiverr needs to grant some privileges to the sellers as well because deducting tax from seller’s account is not what other freelancing websites do. FIVERR NEEDS TO PLAY SMART OR ELSE SELLERS WILL CONTINUE TO PROTEST UNTIL FRUITFUL OUTCOME.

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Thanks for your feedback, guys!

I’ve been thinking about it… Maybe if the buyers only could watch the preview of the work… It will be safer… I’m not sure if it will change anything but let’s think about it…
The buyer could watch the preview, and if he/she is agree with the job he/she would mark the order as complete, post a review (or not) and then he/she could be able to download the work…

Fiverr could set a time limit to write a review, this way the seller will be safe against this kind of threats.

I actually don’t know if this is possible or if this way would make any improvement… What do you think?

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all of this is bad yes but remember you can also leave feedback saying warning buyer waited 2/3 weeks to leave a negative review and didn’t say anything was wrong never contacted me or requested any changes/edits
this way when the negative feedback is read people will read what happened

but everyone is right there should be a cut of period and sellers should not be threatened like this we work very hard we don’t need to put up with this sort of treatment and if it wasn’t for us sellers there wouldn’t be a fiverr so we deserve some support

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remain polite then you can always tell them - “to cancel the order I need to contact support for you because the order has already been delivered” then say that I need from you the exact reason what the problem is so that support can make their descion" this will give you time to contact support and give the reason why they want to cancel so you have the chance to fix what is wrong or use it to state your case to support.

unfortunately there is no way of protecting your work you are at the mercy of the buyer once the files are uploaded.

I have had people take the micky by saying this needs changing this needs changing and it ends up as a completely different style!

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