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  1. So we have to deliver any revision within 24 hrs as well? Or just respond with a message after the revision request?
  2. Try adjusting your gig image to a more attention grabbing one I guess. If you are getting impressions you should get clicks eventually if you stand out from the other gigs.
  3. Well people can trick the system. Do a 5$ gig initially and make the buyer tip the rest of the amount. As I can think that’s the reason Fiverr charge the commission from the tip as well.
  4. Yes it started on Feb. I’m a seller plus member
  5. You can’t say words to a customer like that. You should have instead just reported that message to fiverr support and you shouldn’t have responded in anyway to the client after he got abusive.
  6. It was a great webinar Frank. I joined yesterday. Thank you for sharing valuable information.
  7. I got in. Thank you Fiverr for letting me in.
  8. I’m interested. Count me in please. I would love to get some advise.
  9. That notice is shown throughout Fiverr website. It has nothing to do with you personally. If you have any order deliveries scheduled in that time frame, make arrangements to do them earlier.
  10. That’s what i’m gonna do now. Thank you everyone
  11. I don’t think I can cancel either. So what do you do when you meet a client like this?
  12. I know it’s very unfair. Our rating should not get hurt because for a reason like this. Maybe fiverr support will help. Not sure though. You can ask them. And please do update here what they say, so others with a similar situation knows how things are being done.
  13. I have already done the job they ordered. But they are making the order stay on revision state by not asking any changes. They just hit the button and sent nothing to be changed
  14. I guess that’s the exact case happening to me here then.
  15. I have tried several messages without any luck. They even appeared online and never bothered to respond. Isn’t that breaking TOS to re deliver like that?
  16. I have these 2 orders hanging in revision state for 2 weeks now. These buyers are not responding at all. They just requested revisions and said they need more time and now they are not responding. So these 2 orders are marked as late and in revision state like for 10 days. Do you have any idea if this is hurting my profile and putting down my gigs in the drain? I appreciate your time very much. As well as your thoughts on this. Any thoughts?
  17. Fiverr rotate the gigs time to time. So your gig must have caught with a rotation cycle. It will come back in a week or so. You can try buyer requests or maybe you will get orders from past clients. I wish you good luck
  18. You can read Fiverr TOS from this link. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  19. Maybe because of the competition with the other gigs in your category. Try changing your gig thumbnail with a more attractive one. See what gigs come above your gig and around it, make it stand with those gigs. You should be able to get more clicks by this. Eventually will end up in more sales, if you have everything in the gig description clear.
  20. I think it’s just a matter of time. It took about a month for them to get around to me for promoted gigs. I am now promoting 2 gigs. My gigs are a bit more pricey so my clicks are ok but I feel buyers who order from a promoted gig order from convenience and price. I have noticed the orders are smaller. That’s probably just a coincidence but it’s a trend I see. Buyers with higher budgets take their time and research the best sellers and then place orders. Will see. Hope to get the feature soon. Thanks for the reply
  21. I’m not even getting a single message from any new buyers. I only get messages from returning clients. I don’t have this Promote gig feature enabled at all. So it has ruined my business.
  22. I’m a TRS and i don’t have this feature enabled yet. Anyone with the same situation?
  23. Same situation here. I’m a TRS. Even i’m not getting messages from new buyers from the search. I only get a couple of orders from my returning buyers. Must be a glitch i guess. Hope things will get back to normal soon.
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