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Low quality traffic


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I recently both solo ads, Sellers promising that they will send their email subscribers my affiliate link only to find out they place my affiliate on platforms like adfly, low quality traffic that don’t convert, i received a whooping 26 400 hops, but zero lead can you believe it! if you don’t check out the attached email from my affiliate manager.

so all in all its about targeted traffic and the legitimacy of the seller, not to educate buyers or newbies but to be honest about their gig, after all we pay for such and at-least we could be informed upfront.

so my advice is better discuss with the seller first, require some proof and then you can move forward with your custom order.

i hope this helps.



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Did you ask what kind of email subscribes the seller has? Before you buy any kind of advertising you have to ask them what the demographics are of their list, because yes, you need to only send your message to your target market. But even if you do that, you have to have a good message and a good converting website.

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