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18 SEO Checklists for Your Fiverr's Gigs


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Now I’m gonna share with you some valuable SEO checklists so that you can make sure that your Gigs are SEO friendly. SEO is very crucial to get your Gigs explorable. I will go from start to finish and you just check with your own Gigs.

  1. Find out the best 4 keywords for each Gig.

  2. Arrange the 4 keywords sequentially. Rank them 1, 2, 3 and 4 by analyzing their value.

  3. Now write the 4 keywords one by one after I will …in the title. Leave it there though the title isn’t grammatically correct yet.

  4. Select category and subcategory carefully. Don’t amalgamate your Gigs with unmatched categories.

  5. Use a cover photo. Save the photo’s name as the first 2 keywords that you have given the top most priority. E.g: if you are going to design a logo, you might choose Logo, Design, Professional, Stunning etc. as keywords. Now save the cover photo as Logo Design on your computer.

  6. Use images for your Gigs gallery the same way as you have done for cover photo.

  7. Now the description section. It’s very important. As we don’t have any option to use any header tag such as h1, h2, h3…etc., we will have to use the bold, highlight, bullet and numbering seriously. I have seen many Fiverrians made their Gigs with full of bold and highlight though this shouldn’t be. You can’t give equal importance to all the words.

    We can guess that the title itself is H1 so we shouldn’t use bold, highlight or any of the special attributes in the first 1 to 2 lines other than bold. Try to use at least the first 2 keywords in the first paragraph.

  8. Use bold in all the keywords.

  9. Try to split the whole description into 4 to 5 parts and use initials with important words like Warning, Important, Extra etc. in every part. Use bold and highlight for all the initials.

  10. Try to write some features that you offer and write these using bullet points or numbering. You can also highlight those.

  11. Lastly, complete the description with a call to action sentence using keywords in it. Bold the keywords.

  12. Use keywords 3 - 4 times in description.

  13. If you can, use some LSI keywords.

  14. Use tags with the keywords, but make sure that the category or sub-category name must not be used in full in the tags. I mean if you are gonna make a Gig for logo design, don’t write it as ‘logo design’ in the tags, rather write design logo or logo and design separately.

  15. Attach a video (Must). Name the video using keywords too. Make the video 30 - 55 sec long, less than 50 MB and use exclusively on Fiverr.

  16. Now publish and edit the Gig to make the title grammatically correct. Correct the title using all the 4 keywords. Make a catchy and unique title. Don’t just copy the top rated sellers.

  17. Now use some authority backlinks as there is no room to use any outbound links. Warrior forum, Quora are very good place to build backlinks. Comment on other good blogs and use your link there. Warning: don’t spam. You can also use badge and link on your own blog if you have.

  18. Promote your Gigs on social media , but don’t spam there too.

    I hope this will help you create an SEO friendly Gig. This will increase the views of your Gigs and you know More Views = More Clicks = More Sales = Success.

    Sharing is Caring - So Share and Let other people know about this.
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