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Graphic Designer - Who Is Your Target Audience/Market?


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We are new to Fiverr and have carried out several orders on here and we are loving it. We are a team of Graphic Designers who are taking our passions in to play. We are understanding Fiverr perfectly fine, but we are unsure who we are targetting our selves at as our Buyers range from all sorts of Businesses anywhere from a Blog Website to a Computer Repair Show.

So we have setup this Forum post up to ask our fellow Fiverr Sellers who are also graphic designers, who are you targetting at when it comes to buyers. Please answer these questions below.

A) Where do you advertise outside of Fiverr?

B) Who do you advertise to? (For example what kind of people)

C) What interests do your target audience have?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and we wait for your answers. Admin if this is in the wrong area on the Forum we aplogies can you move it to the correct place accordingly please.

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