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✔ Fiverr Tips 1: How to remove negative reviews and ratings? [ARCHIVED]


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a guy came few days ago to take our service,it’s a music video,but he doesn’t have any idea about the film making, myself created the storyboard free of charge and created the video for cheaper price,usually music video minimum go about $500 but i did it for $200 ok every things are done! order is marked as completed, and and he left positive 5 stars review, but after few days ago this guy is asking from me to add new character for his video,but technically we have no any possibility to do that,also we don’t keep any project files after completed order,so in uninhabitable he’s asking to add new character after completed project but i said now we can’t do that, then this guy re-edit the positive review to negative,re re edited and asked me to do again,i said no, the he again re edited and given much more bad review, but i can’t edit it even one time,if there have same possibility to us,then i should have uploaded screen shots to dropbox of this scammer chat history and i can paste the url in my review to see other client to see and get an idea about this scammer

this option is very strong weapon to byer blackmail us !!!

fiverr must give maximum 1 or 2 time to rate each other

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Guest youtube_sp

you may want to ask the buyer to mutually cancel this order.click RESOLUTION CENTER there are another way to remove your negative review.

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Im just starting out so far I have completed 8 orders but I find this rating system weird

Recently I had a client than didnt know what he wanted. For those cases and every case I send my client images of my progress to see if they like what I’m doing before delivery. So with this client I did that and he said he liked after that I asked him if he needed any changes and he said that he liked it the way it was so I delivered the product. later I find a redeliver notice and the client asked for a modification that hit me hard and lowered my rating to 93% ever since that I’ve have never seen any more sales. The rating system is too harsh.

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As a newbie to Fivrr (buying) I am finding the whole process utterly exhausting! and the feedback system is not adequate and doesn’t take into consideration that I might Select the : No I will not use this service provider or recommend them to others" option…(others I am interpreting as people looking for the same thing I am looking for)… largely because

A- I thought when I was getting mailchimp editing and designing help…that I would get editing…and not just ‘inputting’…which is what I think my recent seller (for example) interprets ‘editing’ as…

B- Its very difficult (not to mention time consuming) working through independent sellers you have NEVER worked with before, have no idea if they are interpreting how you are explaining things, or even if you are getting your point across correctly/adequately (as is the challenge for e-communication…and I should know, Im in that industry)…

My realisation is that using Fiverr is a really large learning curve… I think for EVERYONE one on here. Professionally and Technically. And frankly, because of the cumbersome issues of the PLATFORM also (OMG… don’t even get me started on how hard it is to ‘buy’ the right gig and find your profile and use all the other bloody distracting and difficult to navigation platform-

#phesfreetips - Attention: FIVRR…BECOME THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE EBAY OF THE FUTURE… that is what your BUYER and SELLER really need!!"… in which case…what I will THEN do… Is find myself some service ‘shops/individuals’…and I will hold onto them…and I will ONLY use them, over and over and over again…and as I grow… I will help them Grow

In FACT that is exactly what I am looking for! I am looking for a couple of different field- on-stop-shop services (eg- someone who is virtual assistant IN THE INDUSTRY of editing, online editing tech support and content editing…that sort of thing)…and I would like to get to know them… (like… I have been using a printer cartridge ebay shop guy -he was 1 guy when I met him…now hes…god knows how many people he employs now!- for the last SEVEN YEARS! Thats how loyal I can be with constant service and a good relationship.

Thats what I am looking for in the people I contract. As I understand the principles of Fivver is to help ‘the little guy get a head’… I mean… thats the underlying principle isnt it??

But the way the ‘corporation’ of Fivver is set up…is very masculine principles dominated (DO this DONT do this, you cant do this and if you do this…something)…when half the rules dont really make sense to me and I could debate the CRAP out of them if I wanted to…

But I wont… I will just say this… this is a style of ‘enterprise’ that is on the way out for consumers. Fivver has made this experience SO hard for me…that I will…now… limit my use of it to exactly what it can do…and no more… and I will find the ‘good guys’ on Fivver, if I can, and do what I can with what I have available to me the time. Thats all I can do.

While ever Fivver I think is following the principles of its original start up (my guess is it was probably a ‘seller’ that started the idea/website)… untill they recognise the value in the 'buyer/feminine principle of , give a little back, fair is fair, we all have to co-create this future together, if you want me to spend my money here and help you…help me…ESPECIALLY because the things MY personal business is all about… IS HELPING PEOPLE… so… thats at least why it effects my business…others may have a different feeling and I am sure there are pleant of buyers on here doing the wrong bloody thing (how annoying! ruins it for all of us! how can buyer and seller learn to trust one another then?_…but it is ALSO happening from the seller point of view too. Even if… accidently… maybe out of anger from a previous customer and vice versa…

So…you know, help me…to help you…so that WE can help the world together!

Simple as that.

Ok, thanks for reading,


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I have a problem with a buyer:



About me:
I am a student who's trying to make some money , I have experience on Photoshop , YouTube, Conversions and many other things.

EX: Upload your power point on youtube
, or give you a A Quality review on G+
I can also give you 212 pizza recipes book
or any food recipes you want:)

do you have women character ?
04:14 March 08, 2015


hello...I have but can you be more specific about what you want??
06:42 March 08, 2015
This order is late.

You are late in delivering this order!
Your buyer will be able to cancel unless you deliver quickly!
05:35 March 11, 2015

can you at least send me a script or something??
00:28 March 12, 2015
This order is ridiculously late.

This has gone too far!
Your buyer can now cancel the order.
08:51 March 12, 2015

are you still on??
23:57 March 12, 2015
Order Cancelled by Buyer

Since you were late with the delivery of this order,
the buyer cancelled it. This order funds have been returned to the buyer.

And that is it, I had no chance, I should have canceled when I had the opportunity but I was a nice guy and I thought that maybe the man is busy and so on!!

What should I do in this case??
I don't need a bad review!!
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