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  1. I agree. Mine is down due to ONE client who ordered something I absolutely don't sell and that cancellation lowered my overall score! How is that my fault? I wish Fiverr would just work on known issues and bugs instead of rolling out these pointless new updates. I guess all that matters to them is the almighty dollar.
  2. I totally agree. It's taking up too much room on the message screen and is 100% useless to me as a seller. Is it removeable?
  3. I just submitted a ticket because now I have to offer a $10 set of images with every rewrite. It's nonsensical. Nobody that ever ordered a rewrite (and I've had hundreds) ever wanted images. Why oh why can't I make the commercial images optional?! I haven't had a single order since Fiverr implemented that ridiculous change. I'll let you know what they say.
  4. This is Fiverr. It is against the TOS to die. They expect you to continue in the afterlife.
  5. I don't have time to Google them all for you but if you search for "learn English" or "free English classes" or similar there is sure to be plenty you can use.
  6. I'm just going to be honest with you - your grasp of English is in no way good enough right now. You're not going to pass the test until you improve it significantly. There are plenty of online resources you might find helpful.
  7. Glad I am not the only one finding it dumb. Another nonsensical change is offering images with the writing gigs for $2 an image but then when I ticked it and hit "save" it said "your gig price must end in 5 or 0." OK, so you want me to reduce my gig by $2 or increase the price by $3? Also, most buyers do NOT want images! At least that wasn't mandatory (since I'd lose a lot of buyers who didn't want images included). These changes are clearly made by someone who has zero idea of what copywriting, rewriting, line editing, proofreading, researching etc actually involves!
  8. I rewrite articles and don't necessarily need to know about the topic I am given. I manually change the words, word order and so on, so it reads well and passes Copyscape. However, research never was part of the deal, so I don't see why I am forced to include it in the gig! I can see some issues down the line with this. My rewrites do NOT include extra content and I have only had 2 or 3 people (out of hundreds, maybe thousands) ask for it, in which case it costs me time if I want to accept it. If it's a food/drink or health piece, that's fine but if it's something technical or whatever then it's a pain. Who comes up with these changes? Why not instead focus on buyers being able to accept a gig offer without the seller having to disable their out of office and then turn it back off.
  9. It doesn't change. Mine has been set to the US for years since it's where I spend the majority of my time and it's pointless to keep on changing it whenever I travel. I can be in Europe for months and it stays the same.
  10. When I was in The Netherlands, I got a LOT of messages from potential buyers coming through in Dutch. My Dutch is so-so but absolutely not good enough for a businesslike conversation or writing an article in Dutch. So I don't miss that!
  11. The main reasons are so Fiverr can make sure you're paying tax and so it shows your time properly (ie if the buyer sees it's 3 in the morning where you are they probably won't expect an immediate response). I've lived in 4 different countries while I've been on Fiverr. If you get paid via PayPal you must change your PayPal account and link it to the bank in your new country. I had to do that because being linked to a Dutch bank is of no use if I'm in the US where I have to pay ATM fees to withdraw every single time. One more point - I am a native English speaker and because I only sell writing gigs, it's VERY important that buyers know this. If I moved to somewhere with another language someone browsing the possible writers would NOT look at my gig, assuming I'm from there. Now, I know this post is old already but anyone else wondering about the same topic... I hope this is useful advice for you. The PayPal country change is not optional and can take a while. Hope this might help someone.
  12. You might want to see a doctor about that
  13. I had this issue before and messaged Support to ask whether or not it would be allowed. In that case it was, since I couldn't do the gig without it, but so long as you ASK permission and wait for the answer, you should be fine (unless they say no! And then you'll have to find another way else your account will be at risk).
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