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Fiverr is not $5 service. Fiverr Can Change Your Life Read My Story How Fiverr Made My Life


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Life in Pakistan is not easy……… you need to be a highly qualified professional to get a good job and make a good living out of it. Even good degree some cannot help you earn a good living.

But, all thanks to Fiverr, their founder and their owner and their team developed a platform that made me reach the heights people of my age can hardly think of. I am Rao Talha, a 16 years old youngster who was nothing a year back but due to Fiverr my fortunes took a swing and my current standing is where I had hardly thought of.

Just due to Fiverr I have setup my own online business that hire few of the leading Pakistani freelancers. Now because of Fiverr I can buy everything and I am blessed with everything. Recently I have purchased my luxury car due to Fiverr earning. The most important thing is now I can get higher education easily. I am seen as a celebrity back home I am being invited in many leading freelancing seminars all due to success on Fiverr. On top of that I was invited by one of the best universities of Pakistan to give a speech on freelancing and be the motivation to the students and they

awarded me as a Pakistan youngest Freelancer.

My award is just because of Fiverr

In the end I have only one word to say “THANK YOU FIVERR”.

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Wow Great Success, Rao !!
I Am also from pakistan, and a Level 2 seller, here,

I think, in Pakistan, anyone who works on this Heaven (Fiverr) will officially have to say “thanks” to fiverr. Pakistan listed among those countries, where just 10% peoples can live their lives, in their desired style.

Thankfully I’am one of them, I make My Living from Fiverr Earnings, even I earned my First $ Dollar from Fiverr. So I’ve no words to say "thank you to God & then Fiverr.

I Truly Love to work Here.

M. Amir

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