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  1. @mjensen415 Sign me up! I’d love to join the Seller Plus program.
  2. That has nothing to do with you getting promoted to level one. Fiverr rotates the gigs to give equal exposure to all the sellers. You can try to promote (and try to find potential buyers) your gig/services outside fiverr.
  3. That’s good. 👍 Doesn’t change the fact that its against ToS to contact the buyer/seller directly. I am surprised you used the word “email” and didn’t get a warning for that. I have seen people get a warning for less. I’d suggest you to go through fiverr’s ToS. It would really help you in the long run.
  4. Fiverr won’t randomly check your past conversations but now you are making all the details public. So the good news is, you do not worry about the “class fellows”. The bad news is, you now have to worry about the “forum fellows”. Just throw away that shovel, the hole is deep enough already.
  5. Are you implying that you did something that violates fiverr’s ToS and worried that you might get caught if CS starts reading your past conversations? I don’t think they would read your past conversations but no one knows what happens when an account is reported.
  6. Deleting your account won’t remove the review. You’ll have to contact fiverr CS to request review removal.
  7. Yep. That’s a bug. Don’t worry about it. What you see in “pending clearance” is what you’ll receive. What you see on top of the order page doesn’t really matter. Once the amount is “cleared”, you’ll receive $212.
  8. What amount do you see in the “Pending Clearance” on the earnings page?
  9. That’s a bug. Check out “earnings” tab, it should show the right amount.
  10. Not on the first page but I am qualified again (after 45 days). Ranking of gigs is a bit better now.
  11. Automatically. In the first few weeks I tried multiple things, nothing helped.
  12. Last month they did this exact thing to me (and many other sellers). After 45 days or so everything was back to normal. Apparently, fiverr is rotating profiles instead of rotating particular gigs. To give exposure to other sellers, they push all your gigs to the last page and remove the option to promote the gigs. I still don’t get why they do this to all the gigs at once. I think they are testing something… :man_shrugging:
  13. Wow! For me it $2 CPC. I think fiverr spends more when daily budget and max bid is high.
  14. Yes, you can use your account on multiple devices. I think you mean your sister might open messages on your account and you might also open those messages on your phone at the same time…I think that is all right as long as both of you do not end up responding to that message.
  15. Short answer, yes. It is way too cheap for something original / custom made and this is coming from a guy from a third world country. If I go out there to get this done locally even an newbie would charge more than $25. But if you are trying to get some reviews, I understand. Make it at least $10 or $15 to avoid scammers.
  16. It was a really outstanding presentation. I am glad I joined the webinar.
  17. Following are my lifetime results. Capture1352×124 7.95 KBUnfortunately, on the 2nd of Feb, something weird happened, and both my gigs lost their ranking. Now I hardly get 1-2 clicks per day. And because of that, my gigs aren’t qualified for promoted gigs anymore. Capture11236×315 21.5 KB
  18. I am interested. It was pretty good when I had it for free. So, don’t mind paying to try it again.
  19. You can say that about a lot of things. Spirituality, alternative medicine, etc. Spells casters aren’t very common in my country, at least I never saw one. Astrologers are. Many people believe it works for them. Does it? IDK. Never tried it myself. There might be some fraudulent astrologers, there might be some legit ones. Who am I to tell others if they should or should not buy their services. I can see your point of view but I don’t mind as long as the buyer is happy. People can lose money while gambling. This is a kind of gambling. You spend money, might work, might not work. Their money, their choice.
  20. I would not use words like “believe” or “don’t believe”. I would not like to draw conclusions about what is not yet within my experience or I haven’t experienced. As of now, I don’t know much about all this, I am open to hear or learn more about what these guys/gals (spellcasters) do. But I can say that I would not find myself using spelling services in the near future. IMO, as long as buyers don’t have a problem, I don’t have a problem.
  21. Whoops! This topic again…yikes! 😬 800×418 326 KB
  22. Get in touch with fiverr costumer support. They’ll remove it from seller’s profile.
  23. Yes, when I was promoted to TRS, my average selling price was definitely less than $100. Where did you hear that it has to be over $100?
  24. I checked and my gigs average selling price isn’t over $100. So, no, the average selling price doesn’t have to be over $100 to be a TRS.
  25. Swastika, it is a sign of prosperity, good health and good luck. The word originates from Sanskrit, “swasth” means health and “tika” meaning mark. It’s common to see it painted on temples or almost everywhere (new vehicles, weddings, homes etc) in India and as far as I know, many other SA countries. PS: It doesn’t look same as one used by someone evil. Not posting it here as it might offend someone who doesn’t know the difference.
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