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  1. What I typically do is this: if the revision is small (something that takes 5-10 minutes), I go ahead and make it, but if it's significant, I quote a price. So, I would simply respond with, 'Sure, I can make the requested changes for [Price].' In the past few years, I've never had a buyer leave me negative feedback because of this, but I do let my buyers know how many revisions are included after they place an order with me and when I deliver the order. In my deliveries, I include a statement such as, 'As part of your order, you are entitled to 3 rounds of free visual revisions, so feel free to request any changes and adjustments you feel are needed.' Here's a recent example:
  2. If you were actually trying to conduct business outside of the Fiverr platform, there is not much we can do or suggest. As Fiverr mentioned, they are reviewing your account. If they find you guilty of violating their Terms of Service, they might issue a warning or ban your account.
  3. There isn't a 'best' time or method for updating gigs. You should update your gigs only when necessary, not just for the sake of it. Continuously updating or following a specific updating pattern won't necessarily lead to more orders.
  4. Keep using this account. It takes time to get impressions or views. Opening a new account won't magically increase your impressions or views. It's also important to note that it's "fiverr," not "fiber." "Fiber" refers to a type of carbohydrate, while "Fiverr" is a freelancing platform.
  5. Most sellers receive spam messages, but you may be experiencing a higher volume compared to experienced sellers. This is because spammers tend to focus on newcomers, who may be more susceptible to their tactics. They understand that seasoned sellers are less likely to be deceived by their tricks. Don't bother with them. Just mark their messages as spam. The number of spam messages you receive will eventually go down. Additionally, the nature of these spam messages will evolve as you make progress. I rarely receive telegram spam messages. Instead, most spammers reach out to ask for work or money.
  6. What's the point of posting this ChatGPT-generated content on the forum? Being active on the forum WON'T help you get orders. You are simply wasting your time and breaking forum rules by spamming ChatGPT-generated content.
  7. Well, in that case, don't give a refund. If you've completed the work you promised and the buyer has approved it, the first milestone is not eligible for cancellation. You should explain this to the buyer, and you may also contact CS to share your side of the story so that they do not end up canceling the order (first milestone). When you contact CS, try to keep your message short and concise.
  8. Can you tell us a bit more about the project? How were these milestones divided? Why can't you proceed with the second milestone? Why did you deliver the first milestone if you knew that you wouldn't be able to work on the second milestone? I am asking all these questions because there have been some sellers who are misusing the milestones to get paid for the "easy part" of the project and then decline to proceed with the project.
  9. You don't do anything unless you don't like the fact that there is an "incomplete" order sitting there in the "awaiting response" order list; in that case, you can request a cancellation. Someone placed an order with me almost a month ago; they haven't submitted the requirements yet. If the buyer doesn't submit the requirements for a few more months, I'll eventually cancel the order. You mentioned that the buyer hasn't submitted requirements. Unless the buyer already had a discussion with you prior to placing the order and provided all the requirements in the inbox, how are you going to complete the order without them?
  10. I don't think the buyer is trying to scam you, considering he has multiple positive reviews on his profile. The buyer was most probably asking you to send him a custom offer. Do you know what custom offers are and how to send them? If you don't, visit the following link to learn more: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010559198?segment=seller
  11. What?! Someone's gig was shut down due to YT links? I guess its time for me to edit my descriptions and remove the YouTube and Vimeo links. That's what I've done.
  12. Three of my "top clients" were not accepted. One was declined, and they requested more information for the other two. What more information do they need? I provided the order page links. And there is no option to write or add anything other than links. It took me around an hour to find all the buyers and their order page links. I am not bothering with it now.
  13. 2-3 months (2021). I didn't get any new messages or orders during that period. I did get a few orders from my returning buyers. My earnings had dropped by 92%. My success manager had told me that it was due to several reasons, one of them being negative private feedback. I worked on my gigs and communication, and eventually things got back to normal.
  14. Buyers can request as many revisions as they'd like, regardless of the number of revisions you've mentioned in your packages. The number of revisions you offer may not always be noticed by buyers, and they may continue to request revisions until you let them know that all the included revisions have been used up. For example; If you have mentioned two revisions in the package, just inform your buyer that they've already used the two revisions and that the third one would cost them extra. Here's what I do. When I deliver my order, along with the rest of the delivery message, I write the following, "As part of your order, you are entitled to 3 rounds of free visual revisions, so feel free to request any changes and adjustments you feel are needed." When I deliver the revised order, I change "…you are entitled to 3 rounds…" to "…you are entitled to 2 out of 3 rounds…" and so on. My buyers are always aware of the number of revisions included with their order. I've never had a buyer request more than 3 revisions, and when someone does need an additional revision, they very politely ask for another revision or ask me how much an additional revision would cost.
  15. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the delivery time showing up as "to be determined" after the order was delivered? When did you deliver this order? Normally, once an order is delivered, it is "automatically marked as complete" after 3 days. BTW, why are you lying about your English language proficiency? As per your Fiverr profile, you are fluent in English. You are clearly not fluent. It is against Fiverr's community guidelines to "write misleading content in your profile description, skills section, professional background, and/or education."
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