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Fiverr rocks!


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Is sucking a bad word now? 😛 I like to suck lollipops. Yummy!

And yup, your gig pictures aren’t catching people’s attention. Make them look more cool. Perhaps see if someone is selling great looking gig pictures here that make your gig look unique.

After that see how you can improve the titles of your gigs, perhaps add more keywords to it so people searching it can find it. Do the same for your tags as well. One of your gigs has only 5 keywords.

Last but not least, try to improve your offers to get your started so you can gain levels and reputation. After that, you can return them back to normal so you don’t have to work as much. For example, provide 2 or 3 things instead of one.

You can also check what kind of competition you have, and if someone is offering same things as you, try to do better than they. Offer something they do not.

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