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I wish fiverr include this "Ask for revision" button on the order page

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Hello Friends,

It’s long time, couldn’t manage time to post. But I made it today. I am asking for a new features on fiverr.

Now on fiverr, when we deliver our deliverables(design files or other), if buyer need a small changes, he need to reject the order and the order goes to in late mode(which made the gig average delivery time longer) and I think it also give the buyer the opportunity to cancel the order as it’s late. But actually the deliverables almost satisfied the buyer. He just need a small change. In that case if fiverr add an option that buyer can ask for a revision buy pressing “Ask for revision” button, that will be very good for both. When a buyer asked for a revision, it means he like it but need some changes, which will made the order safe for seller. Surely, buyer also have the option for rejecting the order if he doesn’t like it at all. But if he like is and asked for revision, cancellation can not be possible without mutual agreement or fiverr support.

So, I wish fiverr include this “Ask for revision” button on the order page.

What are you thinking, please let me know.

Thank You


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