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Want to change paypal account


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Not 100% sure because I haven’t changed my PayPal but the PayPal account used to be LOCKED to the account but now has an option to change it under profile > settings > "Your profile is associated with a PayPal account. To change it click here."

Click on it and it then says:

"An email will be sent to your PayPal email shortly.

Please follow the instructions in our email."

You then get an email with subject: Fiverr: Change of associated PayPal account

That says:

"Changing your PayPal account means that any funds you withdraw from now on, will be sent to your new address. If you would like to continue with the change, please click here.

If you did not try to change your associated PayPal address, please report it here."

So it appears you CAN change the PayPal for your account now IMHO.

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