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I need a CPA lead provider

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Hey All Gigs,

I have a cpalead.com link that need promotion, i need actual lead conversion in my cpalead link

do let me know if any one interested…i need to see some sample test like 3 conversion at the beginning to check your method does works or not, rest assured that i will hire you for rest of your life for sure

s***e me :newbig.boss


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Typically when someone not only tries to lead you off site by posting their link and s***e…but, also wants “free samples” to make sure your Gig really works… and wraps up their pitch by stating they will “hire you for the rest of your life…” is someone who more often than not is looking to rip you off.

If you REALLY need someone to do this for you, follow the site’s rules and post your Gig requirements in the “Request a Gig” area of the site.


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