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Buyers who want to buy outside Fiverr

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Am a graphic designer that specialized in book cover such as Amazon kindle, createspace cover, album cover.

I do not know how people here feel about this.

Most people either read the TOS or have some idea about Fiverr’s TOS on joining the site.

My rates are clear. I am prepared to do my gigs exclusively on Fiverr.

Otherwise, I could end up losing my account.

However, that is not the main reason.

On Fiverr, you have some guarantee that you will see your money after you have delivered your work.

Because somebody has paid upfront, I feel it is my responsibility to deliver.

Occasionnally, there are buyers that want to take business outside Fiverr.

They claim they want to pay me directly through PayPal and/ or want to pay a higher rate for my work.

That may look tempting, but if they want to pay me a higher rate, they could do so by buying extras or ordering multiple gigs, couldn’t they?

I always let them down gently or tell them that Fiverr does not work that way.

What is your take on this?

Nancy Robert


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I’ve no take on this.
Haven’t encountered anyone doing this, yet.
I would just tell them that it is against the TOS and if they want to pay me more for my work, they are most welcome to leave me a tip after the work is done.

P.S: I suggest you keep only ONE thread in one location. I see you have created several threads regarding this post in many different locations.

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