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WOW WOW WOW What A Wonderful Day For Me :D

Guest samix1990

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Guest samix1990

GOT LEVEL 2 in 1 Month & 15 days. ;😉 I had My 1st sale on 28 Feb 2013. :-bd

Holy Bazoka - Dhuzzzzzzzzzzz Dhuzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Dhuzzzzzzzzzz Dhuzzzzzzzzzz :)) =D>

I don’t know what to say… I am really Happy Today 🙂 JUST GOT LEVEL 2 TODAY :)>- & Withdrew My 1st Earning from Fiverr, In fact My First Earning In my Life. B-)


Rushed to A super store Got some Grocery for my home. Just Gave a Wonderful Treat Dinner to my Family

:x . WOW Now I understand What’s the happiness of having your self earning.

Here At this Wonderful Time I want to say something to my Newbies Fellows…

Don’t worry just work hard always be frank to your buyers. People love respect. You give your buyers respect, win there hearts, and they are yours. 😉 One thing I learned from fiverr, that don’t ask for more bucks in the beginning . Be happy with what your buyer is giving you. Once you have strong base and some good feedback than go ahead <:-P .

Also One more thing! Just set your gigs that are Unique, Look around yourself you will get so many things as I did. You can check Out My gigs… 😉

I wish that Everyone here gets success 🙂

Samix 😉 😉

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Guest mrspanda


I’m glad you have a positive attitude too. It is always great to see people that have gained so much success!

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