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Cannot find my item in search results


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Hello fellow fiverr’s. I am newby here so please be patient:)

I have a problem that I cannot understand. Few days ago I uploaded 2 projects. BUT if I try to search for them, they don’t show up. I mean let’s take this one:


In search I type “Cartoon Logo Opener” and I cannot find it in results. Am I doing something wrong? Are my projects online at all? n “Mission Control” tab I did edit->“Live Portfolio Active” ON, but that doesn’t change any thing. Still cannot find my own items using search engine.

Please, can someone explain me in simple words why?

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Yes, status is ACTIVE and it’s green. All should be fine, but its not. I cannot see my projects online at all. It’s like they are invisible or something:)

And like my flag - I am not from UK, I am from Lithuania. Wrong flag. Maybe that’s why my projects are not online? I don’t get it.

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Hey, welcome to fiverr!

First of all it takes time for your gig to appear. Maybe you are doing something wrong here. Maybe your gig is not attractive? add a video to it. Next, research. You know what is your topic, search up the keywords for your gig. And then look at how the high level sellers have made their gigs. Look at their videos, examples and descriptions. Remember that people are attracted to the stuff that is best presented. Also look at what keywords they are using.

Put it this way. Imagine yourself as a buyer of your own gig. What will you write in the search bar? use those keywords for your gig. Continue researching and looking at top sellers gigs and how examine have they been doing similar gigs.

Also contact Customer support regarding your flag. Your flag doesn’t affect anything but yes i think it is important you get the right flag. hehe

Hope this helps you out. I only just saw my gig in the research. It was not there at all. Here is a summary of what i did (again):

  1. Researched. too many similar gigs from the same person are not needed. Just make one or two gigs for a similar project for now.
  2. attached a personised video, with my own voice and face. I asked for video tips in the forums.
  3. Edited the keywords, description and the name.
  4. removed all my other gigs with a similar name and compiled them to form one or two.

    Viola! ^-^

    really hope this helps
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