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Hi Darren,

First thing - take a DEEP breath and know that you will get through this. Because you will. And because we are ALL here to help and support you. I just checked out your gigs, and you have zillions of satisfied customers. So even if this guy gives you a 1-star rating and it stays forever, it won’t even make a dent in your overall score, and after a handful of new buyers come through, it’ll be buried under all their glowing reviews.

But now for some practical steps.

1: Did you talk to Customer Support yet? From your post, it sounds like you may have (and that they may have even refunded your customer but left his feedback). If you haven’t though, I’d reach out to them. And if you have, but to no avail, don’t worry. Which leads me to step 2:

2: Focus on moving forward with the orders that you have in your queue right now. The sooner you complete those, the sooner you’ll start getting your 5-star reviews back and start burying this buyer.

3: NEW ORDERS. This is probably your biggest worry right now, am I right? Well in short, don’t worry. Any prospective Buyer will see that your single bad review is clearly a fluke, and tells us more about that particular customer than about you. ALSO - I’m sure plenty of us on this forum would be happy to check out your gig and even place an order for your services - they look pretty great - which would only help you when it comes to your reviews 😉 After all, that’s what a community is for, right?

4: When the dust has settled, do me a favor and leave a quick post on my Discussion board that I made about spotting and dealing with Bad Buyers, so that people can learn from your experience. Here’s the link: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/60907/how-to-spot-and-avoid-bad-buyers#Item_56

5: Feel free to shoot me a message to my regular inbox if you ever need advice about this or anything else.

It’s gonna be okay - promise!



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It is very clear that Darrendesign isn’t upset about the rating; but the ethics.

Buddy, looks like you worked hard and passionately about something and the other guy was just trying to mess with you.

But dont worry, we have a doctor in the forums 🙂 So just calm down, regain exposure and see that you have like 800 other cool reviews.

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anyone pls advise,

I am a * buyer * who feels threatened / bullied by a seller.

He wanted me to buy his unrelated gig.

I did not and that is when the bullying started.

Says something " do not order again." I would not send my * enemy * to order w/him.

I was going to place more orders with him when he started to get nasty with namecalling and threats.

Now I gave him a 1 star review ( 1 star is too generous ), and now he wants me to cxl so I can get a refund. However that means that my review will be erased. I am very afraid he will do this to someone else. This has been so upsetting as there is another victim in the works.

Of course support does not offer support. I don’t know what to do.

Afraid to look at inbox.

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