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5 years on fiverr to the date!


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It’s getting late here, and I’m feeling a bit exhausted today, but I promised myself that on my 5th year anniversary I would write an ‘anniversary post’, so here it goes…

Fiverr has absolutely changed my life! I’ll spare you ALL of the details, but just know this…

  1. I didn’t take this serious when I first started. My very first gig was something along the lines of a week long ‘joke telling service’. Here’s the thing… I’m really not all that funny.

  2. Decide what you want fiverr to be for you, and work inline with those expectations. If you want fiverr to be a full-time business for you, put everything you have into making your offering a world class product that people will want to continually purchase on an ongoing basis. There are many viable tips and resources here on the technicalities of a successful fiverr gig, but what I’m referring to is more along the lines of the ethos of your fiverr venture. Create an experience that people didn’t expect to receive at the place where you can buy and sell services starting at ‘five dollars’.

  3. Think of fiverr as a paid internship. I wasn’t very good at design when I first started back then, but I’ve grown considerably as a creative from both a technical and mental point of view, because I’ve put many moons into cultivating my style, process, and perspective. This has happened both inside and outside of the marketplace, but due to the manner in which we work on fiverr, (with the strict time constraints, global client base and varying industry projects) I’ve developed an extremely unique skill set that allows me to move at an elite pace both mentally and technically in all of my other endeavors. Fiverr has essentially turned me into a well oiled machine when it comes to making business decisions, creative resolutions and implementing technical prowess.

  4. There’s so much more to say, but if you don’t remember anything from this post, remember that fiverr is only the beginning to what’s possible if you believe it to be more than just some ‘thing’ you’re doing for a couple of bucks every now and then. Occupation, Career and entrepreneurship has shifted, and will never go back to the way it used to be, and fiverr stands at the forefront of this change. I’ve earned my fair share of fiverr’s while here, but more importantly I’ve learned a highly distinct curriculum that has propelled me into so much more.


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