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Finding the right traffic


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So I do network marketing and just found out about Fiverr! Love the opportunity’s but it seems difficult to find thing with a certain target. For example I have tried some where the offer 2000 views a day, and I get the 2000 views, however besides the fact there is 0 conversion rate, the site and google tracking will go like 4 hrs with no views and then get 500-600 in 15 minutes, then 0 for another 5-6 hrs. Something is now adding up here IMO.

I am not complaining about the 0 conversion as traffic will always vary but are their tricks to finding better sources of traffic when on Fiverr, because most the sales links are very generic other than we will give you X amount of views quickly.

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Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business, you could have the most amazing,

life-changing product or service on the internet but if no-one sees it or gets to hear

about it then it’s completely useless.


No Traffic = No Sales = No Cash. End of story.

As you probably know there are two methods of traffic generation. Paid and free.

There are pros and cons of both, paid traffic can be virtually instant but will cost you.

And if you don’t know what you are doing you can lose your shirt very quickly

(speaking from personal experience). Free traffic does take some time and some work

but doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Set up correctly you can have multiple traffic

streams coming from multiple sources at almost no cost at all, but you have to do it right.

Which is where my 'traffic magnetizer system' comes in....


If you are promoting anything related to weight loss, make money offers, Sex, Dating, Gambling or MLM on Facebook or Google , your ads won't be approved and worse is that your account will get banned PERMANENTLY. If your niche lies among those listed , then you will benefit from what i'm about to offer you.

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Thanks for the reply. In regards to

"If you are promoting anything related to weight loss, make money offers, Sex, Dating, Gambling or MLM on Facebook or Google , your ads won’t be approved and worse is that your account will get banned PERMANENTLY."

Where exactly did you come up with this other than a sales tactic? I have been promoting MLM’s on facebook, Twitter, and google adsense for 4 years now and not only have I not been “banned” but I have never had an ad not approved.

I also like how you will promote a MLM ad on facebook for $5 but claim promoting them can get you banned???


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I am not interest on the issue of being banned by social media because promoting MLM, Weight loss and etc…

I just want to know what is your guys experience on buying traffic on fiverr.com here? although it is very cheap, as low as $5, but is it worth to spend your time and money on buying traffic here?

how to know if the traffic is a real human or it is bots or any other similar robot?

i know there is a lot more of website selling clicks like what is selling here. but they are extremely expensive if compare with the price here.

so, can anyone share your experience in buying traffic either in fiverr.com or other place? and what is your advise / opinion from your experience?


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I have no intention of getting into a debate on whether or not one person’s opinion about traffic is factual or not - so before we begin here’s why I can comment with authority on this topic;

I have been online since 2008 - I generate traffic to various websites - I HAVE and still do get leads from FACEBOOK, GOOGLE ADWORDS and other paid advertising platforms in the following niches;

  1. MLM/Network marketing
  2. Weight loss
  3. Make money
  4. Work from home
  5. Personal development
  6. Online business
  7. several other smaller niches

    I am a Google Adwords certified advertiser - so I know what I am talking about.

    Not all traffic is equal. You get what you pay for. If you only want website ‘hits’ Fiverr will give them to you (for very little cost). As you are in the network marketing niche - you probably want leads. So, traffic is the last thing you should be thinking about (seriously).

    Start by planning what you want from your advertising - leads? brand awareness? sales of your product? business partners to work with in your team?

    Next - build a landing page, compliant to the legal requirements of the advertising platform you intend to use.

    Next - add/configure tracking to guarantee when the campaign goes live you can see how it is working and change things if needed.

    Next - think about what will happen when the prospect lands on your website/landing page (are you going to ask for email details? name? phone number?)

    Next - think about what you are going to do when the person decides to give you their contact details (will you email them using an autoresponder? phone them? meet them in person?)

    Next - create your campaign (advertising and/or free marketing methods) to send targeted/interested traffic (website visitors) into your landing page.

    Next - run your campaign, monitor it and manage it to improve its performance.

    This is good enough information to get you started - don’t rush into buying crappy offers without taking the time to think about the points I’ve mentioned.

    _ Neil
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Alas… folks will keep buying bogus traffic no matter what. It’s one thing to waste money, but it’s entirely another to compromise the integrity of your analytics. You can’t make good decisions with corrupt data. Once you introduce bot driven traffic, you’ve shot yourself in the foot.

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Guest seobookmarkbest

I suggest you switch to seo marketing methods and PBN.

Some people in the world master seo said, This is work.

Making press releases, submit pr, 900 word article submit it to sites in the Google index.

Perhaps you could add

Traffic bot will not make sales. Alexa did not even make you walk

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Buying traffic on fiver is a no no. I gave it a try and and got disappointed. Bought twitter tweet which got me a lot of fake traffic that only messes with my analytics, backlinks are all software generated and can get you blacklisted by google or hurt your SEO-This is a big no no since even if you get some initial improvement, its possible google will find out fake links in the future either naturally or after an update. I had to remove all those backlinks manually to avoid penalty,

Google and facebook ads will get you nowhere unless you have something with extremely high conversion rates or content that is very addictive but needs a kickstart and will cause an avalanche of social sharing

"google tracking will go like 4 hrs with no views and then get 500-600 in 15 minutes" - this happens a lot with google analytics, do a search on how to remove fake traffic.

If you have enough free time you can try contacting Facebook page administrators and ask them to advertise your site. Or you can get an actual online marketing person working hourly for you on other freelancing sites(not sure if its ok to link to them here). That would be the most expensive option but most worth it in the long run.

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