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Fiverr Payment Withdraw through paypal Or Payoneer Card


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Hi ! I am Tanzil Ahmad,A Level two seller in fiverr working on WordPress Website Developer.I am Happy with the support of fiverr to get my Gigs.

Anyway,Now the main topic of our is,How we can get our money with very easily without any hassle.For this question Answer is following please look…

1.After getting work signal from your buyer you can see that in your account has added some money but you can not withdraw that because fiverr keep that in pending Clarence in light green Box. After 3-5 days may be would get that in your Available Funds part the money…look at Green Box here in Picture.Now you can withdraw that throw your paypal or payoneer account directly…and charge would be 1$ to transfer money.

Now withdraw :

1.You can see Orange BOX for paypal withdraw…just click here and will transfer to your account…

2.You can see Nevy blue colored BOX,this is for Payoneer Card payment.Most people maybe dont know…Fiverr Card =Payoneer Card.If you have one you can do anything…As fiverr has partner with payoneer.

So,you will need to creat a Payonner account then marge that directly with fiverr…thats it.Your payment will transer to your payoneer Card.

Is not it very Easy !!! ???

Thanks for reading my article…if you have any question…payment can ask me…My account Profile is :https://www.fiverr.com/tanzilahmad


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