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5 for Fiverr


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While I have been enjoying using my fiverr money… there have been some really amazing Fiverr benefits that you really can’t quantify.

  1. Learning new things – having worked on a variety of voiceover projects I have learned some amazing new things from financial advice to medical technique.

  2. Meeting new people – I don’t know about you, but I’m developing some real relationships with great people from EVERYWHERE! It’s so cool!

  3. Real life benefit – doing work here has helped keep me sharp and on target at my real job.

  4. Spreading the word – I’ve been telling EVERYONE I know about this website! I’m just so excited about it 🙂 – not just the cash, but OMG! It’s so fun!

  5. Hope – it’s been scary for so many people in the radio industry to see what the future holds, knowing that there are options out there, like this website, just takes a huge weight off your shoulders.
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