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I see you only need orders. Other than that, you have a high rating, have been here since November… so the only thing you can do is promote yourself on any social media you find appropriate for your domain of expertise. You may have heard this before, mayge from TRSs but this is the only way.

Oh, you can also add a video to your gigs, that also helps(don’t try to look at mines because I’m a horribly lazy person). You have a gig that offers Animoto Videos but you don’t have any sample? Too bad, that could sell a lot.

Try these and do a little more research in the forum archives. This is where every piece of information comes from.

Good luck!

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Ruxandra is right, the only way is orders, so you just have to be patient!

What I would do is add a video especially if that’s what you offer, showcasing what you can do, and also make sure you have a good gig page, meaning what your customer sees when they click on your gig page. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, check out some top rated sellers gig pages, do a bit of research, and copy what they do! Not to say you should copy it exactly, but it will give you a pretty good feel for what they do, and obviously what they do works!

Also, not sure if you have had any orders yet, but if/when you do get orders, over deliver. I can NOT stress this enough! Blow them away. Even if it takes extra effort, it will pay off in the amazing review they give you, and trust me, especially in the get go, reviews are golden!!

Hope this helps!

Above all else, hang in there! Don’t give up!! It can be frustrating at times, but it is definitely worth all the effort!!

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