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Clever and almost 100% sure way to avoid bad feedbacks


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After a shocking experience with one of the top sellers here I have decided to share with you some tips she used to succefully avoid bad feedbacks.

I hope you understand that these tips don’t mean that you as a seller should do the same, but intended as a call for action for the fiverr team to block this loophole…

This method is a dishonest way to become top seller, it offends the buyers but mostly hurt other sellers who are more honest and most likely a lot more talented, to reach the top/ front page.

So here it is:

  1. Accept the buyer order.
  2. Let the buyer work-sent the buyer a fifty questions document to fill, so he will think you are serious and professional.
  3. intentionally or not ,spend one minute top, to work on this project .don’t even waste time to read what the buyer send you ,what are you nuts reading a fifty answers document ?!
  4. Deliver the order to the buyer, hoping that for 5 dollars the buyer won’t expect much.
  5. The buyer sends back the order and of course asks for modification, so now the status of the order changes to ‘request for modification’.
  6. In this status you as a seller become the king, now ignore the request for modification totally but most importantly send immediately a request for cancellation to the buyer ,knowing again that for 5 dollars almost 100% sure that the buyer will mutually cancel the order ,and forget about you.
  7. In mutual cancellation the buyer cannot write feedback at all! sure there is that cancellation ration but who can check if it has a real effect.
  8. What if the buyer is persistent and refuses to cancel, and asks again for modification. Well no problem, don’t worry! , in this case you as a seller are not bound to any logic roles and dictations .simply ignore his request to do the modification, and send the buyer any absurd excuse you want. In my case the seller (top seller) said that she is religious and according to her god, she doesn’t deserve to accept order modification.
  9. So now the status stays for ever on “request for modification”, in this case the buyer will also not be able to write you a feedback! If the buyer chooses to cancel, than again it’s a mutual cancellation and you win, again no feedback.
  10. The only way that the buyer can write you a feedback in this status “request for modification” is if the seller changes the status to complete. Well I’m sure that you as a clever seller will not change the status.
  11. more than a few mails from the buyer to the support team don’t help either, their answers is the same only the seller can change the status to complete when request for modification was made.

    This is how you can keep your wall free from bad feedbacks! Good for you!
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As I’ve already written in your original post, this is not the way it works.

When a buyer hits the “request a modification” button, order time runs on seller side; this means that either the sellers delivers the order or the order will go late.

If the order goes late you, the buyer, can cancel it and an automatic bad feedback is left for the seller.

So there’s not any loophole…

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let the other sellers decide ,an automatic feedback I guess looks like this “Cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!”, thats not what I’m talking about, as an example of a bad feedback.also look at the forum history it appears that this loophole does exist.

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I am going to be honest, I thought I would never be here on the forum, as people who are busy selling do not have enough time to be on a forum. But after today’s experience, I have humbly decided to come here for peer support. This has helped me LOTS!!! Reading this article. I now have a strategy. Thank you. Why did I not think of this: "the seller (top seller) said that she is religious and according to her god, she doesn’t deserve to accept order modification. - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/53109/clever-and-almost-100-sure-way-to-avoid-bad-feedbacks#sthash.HiAbbeN0.dpuf " Superb I wish I could have replied this way today Well, I know now.

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