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Getting The Most Out of Your Money


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Ebook Covers - Getting the Most Out of Your Money

Ebook covers what are they, like book covers? Well yes and no, they are also referred to as an ecover which is basically a 3D cover that you can place on your website. It’s just like a book cover except there isn’t any design for the back cover.

Ok, so why would I need one?

Well if you are offering any product, service or report on your website, and you feel you’re not getting many sales or signups then what you can and should do is get an ecover - this has been proven to increase the visitors and the length of time they spend on your website. Thus making the visitor read what you have to offer.

Why will an eBook cover make me more sales or signups?

Here is an example of why you may need an ecover on your website; Let’s assume you have created a 10 page report that you intend on giving away in return for your visitors email address so you can send them the report and send future follow ups.

You create a website with all the copy of what and why you’re giving the report away for, and then you add your email capture form at the bottom of the page and hope to get signups. This is what most people do.

Now, just by having an ecover on that same webpage you can improve the time visitors spend on your site and also it will boost your conversion rates. Don’t believe me? Try it! Or visit any eBook cover designer’s website and read their testimonials, you will see hundreds of happy customers who have tested adding an eBook cover to their website and it’s improved their conversions.

I want to test it myself, how do I go about getting one?

Now before you go jumping in and trying to create a cover, you need to understand this “Amateur Graphics Will Hurt Your Sales” if you want to add one then you can visit your favourite search engine and type in free eBook cover. You will find a few links that will help you create one in just a matter of minutes. But these will produce amateur results and if you came across a website that was selling a report and it looked like a child made it - would you buy from them? Probably not!

Your only source for eBook covers - Professionally designed.

You may now be thinking that ecovers are expensive, but let me tell you that you are way off; you can get an eBook cover from as little as $5, that’s the beauty of fiverr, if you create a report or eBook that your selling and if by adding an eBook cover to the webpage you could sell an extra 5-10 copies per 100 customers wouldn’t the initial fee be worth it? I have customers who have seen their ebooks and reports sell 50% more when they added an ecover.

Don’t just go for any eBook cover designer, make sure you check out their portfolio, see if they have testimonials and contact them to see if they are available.


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